Daily Archives: May 18, 2012

She Says… Spring

Spring has sprung, my friends. Every window in our house has been open for the last two days and the temperature is holding steady at 70 degrees. It is perfection.

I’m taking a rare Friday off of work to cover “Daddy Day” since Daddy has had more work than he knows what to do with recently. Owen and Schnitzel and I spent the entire morning at the playground.

Guess who graduated to the “big boy” swing?

Owen made a new best friend (a 3 year old) and ran around the playground with him copying everything he did. Watching his little playground relationships just melts my heart. The kid hugs before he even says hello, and immediately starts doing exactly what the other kid is doing.

Hence the climbing wall incident. This time he did the climbing wall almost entirely by himself and got almost as high. He also monkeyed himself right up a ladder that is intended for much, much bigger kids. Muscle memory is a powerful thing — the boy has amazing coordination and picks up new motor skills like it’s no big thang.

Once we got home, I was pooped and ready for lunch. Someone was just getting started, so we changed into lighter clothes and went on a little bike-ride-slash-nature-walk where Owen pointed out every ant on the sidewalk and asked, “Mommy get it?”. We’re really working on the lesson that bugs are ok. Because to Owen, they are not ok.

All that sunshine meant a niiiiiice, looooooong nap, which means enough time for a good workout for me, a little blogging and some dinner prep (black bean and sweet potato burgers and asparagus on the grill!).

Spring is the best.