She Says… Sisters

My two sisters, brother and mom all live in the Delaware/Philly area, and my dad still lives in Baltimore, where I grew up. I’m the only one who moved away from the pack. Although I love living in Boston and know I wouldn’t be nearly as happy living in their area as I am living where I do, I can’t help but feel a little left out as they all get to see each other so often. Their kids get to grow up with their cousins nearby and they can get together with a quick phone call or text message while we have to plan our visits months in advance. So for Christmas I gave my little sister, Ginger, a trip to Boston to come visit us (a very selfish gift!). She and her long-distance boyfriend (who I hadn’t met yet) decided to make the trip a vacay for both of them and they were here with us for a long weekend.

Owen had a BLAST hangin’ with “Aunt G” (which he said more like, “Ehnt Jhee”). He definitely remembered her from Thanksgiving, which was super cute. The weather was rainy and cold while they were here (go figure, it turned sunny and gorgeous as they were leaving yesterday!), but we made the best of it.

Thursday we cooked a pre-cinco de Mayo dinner of grilled steak fajitas and fresh corn on the cob.

Owen gobbled his corn raw and loved learning how to shuck it. SO nice to have a few extra sets of hands and other people to entertain Owen while we all cooked together. Family is a wonderful thing, people.

The next night we went to a rotating sushi bar for dinner and Owen got his first sushi. Before you admire my son’s adventurous eating, let me assure you that he wouldn’t even try the sushi (which was avocado and cucumber, not raw fish), so he had a well-rounded dinner of strawberries, rice, cucumber strips and edamame. Ha. At least the dishes of sushi whizzing by kept him occupied!

We had many a dance party with keyboard, maracas and bongos. Luckily my sister shares my love of music, so she was game to make up songs about everything from changing diapers to reading books.

On Saturday Benjamin stayed home with Owen so he could nap and I could have some un-toddler-fied time with my sister, so I gave Ginger and Seth my best guided walking tour of the city and we all met up for a tour of the Harpoon Brewery in the afternoon.

There were lobster rolls. Obviously.

Taking a toddler on a brewery tour was a bold move. And by bold move, I mean that it could have gone very badly. But, thanks to my little ham, it did not. When things got dull (you know, when the tour guide was giving actual information about the beer), Owen took it upon himself to say, “All done talkin’, lady!” and proceeded to run through his ballet dance moves one by one until nearly the whole crowd was watching and laughing.

He’s a little actor, that’s for sure.

Sunday we worked off our beer with a long hike (that turned even longer when we took the wrong trail and couldn’t find our way back to the car!).

“Mommy sit tree?” “Aunt G sit tree?” “Seth sit tree?”


Yesterday we dropped them off at the choo choo (Owen reacted like a tween girl at a Justin Bieber concert when the train arrived and the conductor waved at him, obviously) and said goodbye. This morning when I dropped Owen off at school he said, “Aunt G picka up school? Seth picka up school?”. Sad face.

Luckily our next visit is already on the calendar for August!


6 responses to “She Says… Sisters

  1. Really enjoy the Bieber comparison. I love reading the words from Owen – I can totally hear the little boy voice “picka up school” – great weekend!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! Eli acts like that every time we see an airplane. Considering that there is a small airport across the street from the beach we frequent, this happens OFTEN.

  3. i love love your blog! Owen is so so precious and SUCh a smart little man! Where abouts in baltimore did you grow up? I grew up in Timonium! Just curious –it is a small world! (guess that is why they call it ‘Smaltimore’

  4. I feel so impressed that my picky eater will eat sushi. Finally she beats Owen at something other than freakish height! Mwahahahaha

  5. PhaseThreeOfLife

    I can very much relate to the conflicting feelings of wishing Ryan could grow up near his cousins but knowing I wouldn’t be as happier there.

    Also? “All done talkin’ lady” totally cracked me up. He is such a ham!

    One last thing — What on Earth is that hiking backpack contraption you are wearing?! Because I NEED one. We could take Ryan hiking without making him sweaty in the Ergo in 15 seconds. Does Owen like it?

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