She Says… Silly

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I think we have a little class clown on our hands. The kid knows how to get a laugh. And when he gets one? Oh, he will repeat the word/phrase/behavior over and over and over again.

He laughs at my jokes and silliness (and his own, for that matter) until I fear he might stop breathing. Remember this video (the second half)? Yeah, he still laughs like that at least once a day.

He is SO silly.

And now that he’s talking a ton, he says things that just slay me. The other day we were singing the Hokey Pokey (which he learned at daycare and absolutely loves) and making Schnitzel dance it with us. I was letting Owen call out what we “put in”. Head! Foot! Elbow! Then, out of nowhere, he shouts out, “DOGGIE PENIS!”. I almost peed my pants I was laughing so hard.

Speaking of the doggie’s penis — Owen loves to identify it and point to it. The other day when I was letting him watch a few minutes of tv, Owen asked, “Doggie penis tv?”. As in, can the doggie’s penis come watch tv with us? Sure Buddy. The doggie’s penis can come watch tv with us. And while we’re still talking about penises, Owen has begun to play little games with his own. While he’s playing in the bathtub sometimes he will push his penis down and say, “BUH BYE, PENIS” and giggle. Ha! Where does he get this stuff?!

He loves to put things on his head. He’s already realized the joy that can be found in physical comedy. He’ll often put food on his head and pronounce proudly, “Green bean head!”. Goof.

Also hilarious? Dress up.

Yes, this is an “ugly Christmas sweater”, complete with jingle bells and sequins.

Climbing in/on things that aren’t for climbing. Especially things like cardboard boxes that are too small so he gets stuck.

Walking around with blankets on his head. He will fearlessly bonk right into the wall and think it’s the funniest thing he’s seen all day.

Future comedian? Actor? America’s Got Talent act? One never knows. All I know is this kid’s personality is HUGE, people.


4 responses to “She Says… Silly

  1. Doggie penis! Bahahahah. That is great. Also…good for you teaching penis instead of peepee etc.

  2. Too much time with Benjamin?

  3. Doggie penis… Baahahaha! Dress up is HUGE in our house. Except, Eli can’t be the only one dressed up, of course. If he’s dressed up, then everyone else must be, too!

  4. oh the obsession with the penis. SUCH a boy thing….i have 2 boys and they were / are the same way. it starts young, and ends…..does it end?? haha.

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