She Says… A New Bag of Tricks

It wasn’t so long ago that we were bundling up in hats, coats, mittens and boots to go outside, even just to play out in the back yard. When I would say we were going for a walk, Owen would rattle off the things we’d have to put on. “Hat? Mittens? Boots?”. I didn’t realize what a routine we had set up until Monday, when it was randomly over 80 degrees out.

I told Owen we were going to take a walk with Schnitzel and he started the usual string of questions. Excitedly I answered, “No! We don’t need a coat today! It’s so WARM out, buddy.”. But instead of sharing my enthusiasm, his face erupted with tears and he whimpered, “Mittens! Mittens!”. I was so confused, until I realized that he didn’t even really know what “warm out” meant. All he knew was that things were different and he didn’t like it. I tried to explain how fun summer weather was because we didn’t have to wear lots of layers. When he continued crying I gave him the option to wear his coat and mittens anyway. I figured he’d understand what I meant as soon as we got outside.

He did.


As we were out, I realized it wasn’t just not wearing a coat that was different. I need to pack a whole new bag of tricks to keep us all comfortable and happy in hot weather.

What we used to have in the stroller/diaper bag for an “outside outing” in the winter:

  • Hats
  • Mittens for Owen/gloves for me
  • Blanket
  • Rain/wind cover for stroller
  • Chapstick/hand lotion for me
  • Extra coat, snowpants or layers for Owen, depending on the activity
  • Tissues for snot wiping

What I need to get organized as the summer weather approaches:

  • Hat for Owen
  • Bubbles and balls and other outside toys (and some to share with the friends we meet at the park/playground, etc.)
  • WATER for both of us
  • Water bowl for the dog
  • Extra pair of shorts/bathing suit for Owen
  • Towel

The weather is back to 60’s today, so apparently I have a little time to get used to the changing seasons (phew!). I would have been a little disappointed if we skipped spring altogether and went straight to mid-summer heat.

What do you pack in your “summer” bag?


6 responses to “She Says… A New Bag of Tricks

  1. I was just thinking the same thing the other day – my diaper bag is so much lighter these days! We’re obviously still in the diaper & formula phase but other then that ours are pretty similar!

  2. lol love it! my son wanted to wear his gloves to the park the other day and it was 68. he wore them there the whole time too; but hey he wasn’t crying so it was OK.

  3. I love that you in a such a different climate from us… it is always so interesting to read about how you prepare for being outside! I am totally thrown for a loop if it’s cool enough to need a sweater! Our bag (almost all times of year) always has sunscreen, swim diapers, a swimsuit & a towel. It’s that often that we randomly stop at a splash pad or the pool on the way home form an outing. One of my favorite summer products is Neutrogena Wet Skin Kids sunscreen. It’s a spray suncreen that you can spray on when skin is wet. It is AWESOME… especially for my super fair skinned boy that absolutely does not want me to dry him off before I put on more sunscreen.

  4. That’s so great you recognized his need to have his routine and that he didn’t understand completely why mittens and hats were no longer part of the routine.

    It’s starting to warm up here too, and in addition to putting him in shorts and a t-shirt, we also pack a hat and sunscreen.

  5. Ha! Same exact conversation with Cameron. Getting ready to go outside, he wants the whole get up and also insists that I also have a coat/hat on. How can I argue with that, if he has to wear it! lol I’ve gotten him away from insisting on the winter versions, but the boy’s heart was broken when he didn’t get to wear his mittens one day – so friggin cute tho.

  6. Supergoop! sunscreen wipes are awesome, as is the regular Supergoop! sunscreen. We don’t need a diaper bag anymore, but I keep a pack in the car. Pricey, but totally worth it (in my opinion). Never had any sunburn on my very blonde, fair child while using it, and it really lasts. It’s also paraben, phalate free and fragrance free. And sunglasses, if you can get him to wear them. Trying to get E in the habit early and she’s finally starting to figure out that they help.

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