She Says… 26.2

Happy Patriots Day! Err, Boston Marathon Day! Either way, it’s a holiday ’round these parts.

Our not-so-new-anymore house is about two blocks from the marathon route. We weren’t here for last year’s marathon so I didn’t know what to expect, but it was so amazing to be able to walk out my door and be right in the action. Especially with a toddler who gets carsick — not driving to exciting activities is key! For those who have never experienced it, watching the marathon is so, so special. It’s… breathtaking. And inspiring. And, at least for me, totally tear-jerking.

When we first arrived, I rolled Owen right up to the road block and pointed out the wheelchair racers and I had to choke back my tears. Even though I’ve never run a marathon myself (or ever plan to in the future), it’s surprisingly emotional. These people are AMAZING. Especially the ones who survived today’s randomly ridiculously hot weather. It felt like mid-August today!

Despite the heat and sun, Owen spent most of the morning jumping up and down, clapping his hands and yelling, “YAY RUNNERS!”. You know, when he wasn’t 100% COMPLETELY OBSESSED WITH THE FIRE TRUCK AND AMBULANCE that were parked nearby.

Yep, there was a real, live fire truck and real, live ambulance parked next to the course where we were hanging out. With real, live firemen. And they let him climb on the truck.

Owen was smitten. I think it made his little life.

To be honest, they seemed pretty sweet on him (and Schnitzel) too. We pretty much hung out with them all day long and they even offered to “babysit” so I could run up and watch some of the runners come through. Owen chatted with them about helicopters and airplanes and runners and, of course, fire trucks. He didn’t stop smiling (or talking) the whole time we were there.

And I came to the realization that Owen speaks so clearly and logically these days that anyone can understand him without needing me to translate. What an AWESOME moment.

We ended the day with Owen’s first ice cream cone. He wouldn’t even try the ice cream part (the kid chows his broccoli and refuses ice cream?!), but totally dug the cone. Whatever works. It was a good “share” for Mommy!

What a fun day. I kind of hope we go back to our normal weather soon, though. I’m not sure I’m ready for 90 degrees just yet, thankyouverymuch.

3 responses to “She Says… 26.2

  1. I have never ever in my life had someone say I could leave my dog with them, even for 5 minutes. She is evil incarnate.

    Faith loves watching runners. It’s not shocking considering how often she sees me run, but if my husband has her and she sees runners, she starts screaming because she assumes that one of them is me.

    Faith wouldn’t try ice cream the first few times either. It’s hard for them to get used to the cold. Once they try it, then your days of getting the good end of the share deal are over. 🙂

  2. Avery’s crazy about trucks too and I recently put out infant clothes for the new baby I have on the way and he promptly found two onesies with trucks on them and decided they were his new favorite things lot look at and carry around. haha

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