She Says… Opinions

He’s always had opinions, I’m sure. But as he grows up and learns new words and realizes that he has the ability to voice those opinions, they seem to get, how shall I say it, stronger. More impassioned. More adament.

We’ve entered the territory of “the favorite shirt”. It used to be that I could dress Owen up like a little baby doll and he couldn’t care less about what he was wearing. Onesies all day and all night? Sure. Leggings? Why not. Overalls? Whatever. Pajamas to the grocery store? Yep. He couldn’t have cared less if the shirt was striped or polka dotted or purple or green. Recently he’s been really into identifying what’s on his shirt (“tipes” stripes, “soh-kohs” circles/polka dots, a fire engine, a dinosaur, etc.). Once he figured out what was on this shirt, it trumped every other shirt in the drawer.

The “car shirt”. When he wakes up in the morning, Owen asks, “car shirt?”. When he has to take it off for his bath at night, he whimpers, “car shirt”. When it is covered in hummus and paint and germs after a day at daycare and I explain that it has to go in the wash, Owen repeats, “Car shirt. Dirty. Wash.”.

It’s not my favorite shirt. In fact, I think it’s a shirt from the movie “Cars”, which irks me even more. We have very few, if any, pieces of character or tv/movie-related clothing. (So far! Believe me, I’m sure I’ll be forced to give in on this issue as he gets older.). It… bugs me. But that’s another post for another time. Despite my own hesitation about the shirt, the kid is clearly in love.

Lord help us when he grows out of it (which will be soon!).

We have a book called “Goodnight, Boston”. You’ve probably seen them about your city as well, a sort of knock-off “Goodnight Moon”. We got it as a baby shower gift and have given it a few times too. Cute, right? Sure… except that the book is actually pretty lame. It doesn’t have a rhythm or rhymes or interesting words. But still, it has a picture of the building where I work (that Owen likes to say night-night to when we read it) and some other landmarks that he will understand as he gets older, so we read it.

After looking at all of the pictures and talking extensively about each one, Owen is convinced that there is a penguin in the picture below.

Oh, you don’t see the penguin (or “pen-ghin”, the way Owen says it)?

He’s right up there in the boat. He may look like a seagull to you or I, but apparently, HE IS A PEN-GHIN. Owen is 100% certain.

What do your kids have strong opinions about?


14 responses to “She Says… Opinions

  1. The B has strong opinions on just about everything. (she must get that from me, darn.) Top of the list right now is that diaper changes suck. The next is high chairs must be escaped from. Also, mom and dad are yummy to bite and worth the scolding.

  2. I’m with Owen, it does look like a penguin! lol

  3. The T-shirt says “Go! Go!” in Japanese 🙂 let me know what he thinks of that! hehe, too sweet.

  4. @Liza, I love that! Thank you. I had no idea (for all I knew they were fake symbols or meant something stupid like a bad tattoo).

  5. You’re welcome! haha, the other two sets of symbols both say “Japan.” 🙂

  6. Opinions abound here!
    I too try to keep the little one away from characters. I hope you do a post on the topic!

  7. The shirt is from “Cars 2,” a not-so-stellar sequel to “Cars.” I am well-versed in “character” shirts, toys, dishware, you name it. Doesn’t bother me at all. If a “Toy Story” bowl is going to get my son to eat his broccoli, fantastic! If he’s willing to get dressed in the morning (instead of waging the naked three-year-old battle) because he gets to wear his Superman shirt, beautiful! And I just got both of my boys matching Avengers T-shirts that they (I) can’t wait to sport this summer! 🙂

  8. @Kate, My son has one of THOSE shirts too, except his is *anything* Batman/Spiderman. Same as you, I just tell him that it’s dirty! Lather, Rinse & Repeat!! We’ve already had a clothing ‘battle’ on Easter wknd. & ended up changing his outfit about, umm, 3Xs. Good Luck & as they talk/understand more, the more they become Mr. Independant It’s all apart of growing up.! ;D

  9. forgot to add, that the shirt is also NOT one of my favorites nor attractive, either. Good Luck!

  10. I’m interested in why some are trying to keep their little ones away from characters. I don’t feel strongly either way on the issue, just curious. I will say that I was basically anti-Disney (just because of the outrageous cost of most things, plus my hubby believes they “brainwash” kids, lol) until we took the kids there. Watching my boys (ages 3 & 5) meet Woody and Buzz for the first time was awesome 🙂

  11. @Jennifer – I’m the same as you. Don’t care one way or the other — and frankly, I LOVE Disney. Some of my favorite childhood memories are from family trips to Disney World, and taking my oldest son there for the first time (at 2 years old) was a fantastic time! Can’t wait to take both of my boys!

  12. I also tend to steer clear from mainstream characters, including on clothing. So the clothes we buy tend to be generic. But if we receive them as gifts I don’t really mind. I actually wrote a post about this and how it seems like every other toddler knows Yo Gabba Gabba and my toddler wore one that he received as a gift and has no idea who or what that show is lol.

  13. I used to try to avoid character t-shirts, otger clothes, and shoes, but once they had one, it snowballed so quickly I couldn’t stop it, and I lost the fight on all counts. Now they have so many but I hardly eve notice – sad, huh? I figure I’d rather they had Lightning McQueen on their t-shirts than some things, so I let it go.

    Owen’s shirt isn’t too conspicuous – if he loves it, don’t worry too much. Besides, he’ll outgrow it before you know it!

  14. *other clothes

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