Daily Archives: April 9, 2012

She Says… Toddlers & Ties

Not to be confused with Toddlers & Tiaras.

Quite the opposite, in fact.

I woke up on Easter morning to a Facebook/Twitter/Instagram feed of everyone else’s children wearing beautifully matching outfits and digging into perfectly crafted Easter baskets piled high with toys and Peeps and bunny-shaped goodies. As Owen drank his milk and wandered around in his pj’s, totally unaware that it was a “holiday” and that “the Easter bunny” should have come, I felt… lame. Like I had missed the boat to do all the cutesy schmutesy stuff I secretly kind of love. I just… haven’t had much time recently. And, frankly, since we’re not religious people, Easter doesn’t really mean a whole lot more than chocolate eggs to us. And the kid has never really had chocolate and I just couldn’t see how giving him a basket full of sugar was going to be a good idea. We were heading to Benjamin’s mom’s house for an Easter egg hunt in the afternoon and I knew there would likely be a basket waiting there for Owen, so I didn’t sweat it too much. But I did feel some pangs of jealousy at all of the Easter perfection it looked like others had pulled together (especially when I realized that Owen only had ONE collared shirt and ONE pair of nice pants that fit right now… and the pants had stains on them. Sigh.).

So we ironed that little never-worn-before shirt and dug up a little tie that my sister had given Owen last Christmas. It was too short and the shirt was denim (square dance, anyone?), but somehow that added to the cuteness of Owen’s little makeshift Easter ensemble.

Even a lame Mama who avoided those adorable little sweater vests like the plague (but somehow still wished she had bought one) can’t keep Owen’s precious little face from smiling.

Really, people. Is there ANYTHING cuter than little boys in little ties?

Also? Owen is an egg hunting PRO. I’m definitely going to work a “treasure hunt” into his 2nd birthday party in a few months.

Despite the lack of matching clothes and overflowing Easter baskets, we had a lovely, lovely weekend full of family and a happy kid. Can’t ask for more than that.