She Says… *GIVEAWAY WINNER* and Hunting for Easter Eggs

Thanks to all who entered the Flanabags giveaway. And now for the big reveal. The winner is…

Commenter number 5: RhodeyGirlTests! Looks like you can get that diaper clutch before Mother’s Day, Sabrina 🙂 I’ll email you to get your info. Congrats!!!

This past weekend we went to a friend’s house for a toddler Easter egg hunt. My friend throwing the party was one of the moms I met in Mom Group when Owen was barely 3 months old, so some of his oldest buddies were there. Every time we get together with other kids whose moms I met in these classes I cross my fingers that at least a few of them will stay friends with Owen throughout this life so he can have friends who he’s known, quite literally, his whole life.

I wasn’t really sure if Owen would “get” the idea of hunting for eggs. I mean, he’s not even 2. He understands simple directions, but gets easily… err… sidetracked. Constantly.

The weather didn’t really cooperate with the beautiful Easter pictures I always envision — girls in dresses and white sandals and boys in little khakis. No, it was downright cold and dreary. And muddy. But hey, what is an Easter party without an egg hunt?! So we ventured out for the cutest little toddler parade you ever did see.

With a little direction (and lots of repeating that direction), Owen caught on really quickly to the idea of an egg hunt. He was so adorable wandering around the yard with his little basket, picking one up and dumping others out behind him. Several times he just wanted to put his eggs in a wagon and pull them around the yard, but eventually he got into the swing of things and filled his basket.

This is why we have kids, right?


6 responses to “She Says… *GIVEAWAY WINNER* and Hunting for Easter Eggs

  1. Yay, I’m a winner! Thank you for hosting.

    This looks like a perfect egg hunt. I love that each area had a whole bowl of eggs so every kid got to find some! I love Owen’s jacket. He is such a stud.

  2. Your little guy looked like had a great time! Cute coat, too.

  3. I’m mad that I haven’t found an egg hunt for my kid around here. I entered the lotto for the White House one, but it wasn’t my year. Faith loves collecting things in baskets too!

    Owen looks so dapper in his little pea coat!

  4. PhaseThreeOfLife

    I have no idea what this post even says cuz I am so distracted by the complete and utter adorableness that is Owen’s pea coat. *swoon*

  5. super cute! i too doubted if 20 month olds could understand egg hunting but it was a huge success around here too. some sort of inborn instinct [hunt / gather?]. LOL!

  6. Aww! Too cute! We’re going an egg hunt Saturday at Eli’s school and I can’t wait! Of course, there will be no coats here in sunny Florida!

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