Daily Archives: March 20, 2012

She Says… ‘Nuff Said

I’m leaving for Paris in less than 3 hours. (Yes, Paris! For work, which is not as cool as, you know, a vacation, but I’ll take it).

Owen was sent home from daycare this morning because he threw up. No other symptoms, but they are being cautious. And apparently the handbook says if a kid is sent home because they puked, they aren’t allowed to come back tomorrow either. So we have a super happy and healthy (as far as I can tell…) kid at home today making it very, very hard for me to get anything done.

I haven’t had time to shower. Or pack. Or review the Powerpoint presentation I am delivering later this week.

No time to blog. ‘Nuff said.

Please please please keep your fingers crossed that a) Owen’s puke was random and not illness-related (as a mother of a kid who had reflux and now gets motion sick, this is very, very likely), b) I get to my plane on time, and c) my heart doesn’t break from being away from Owen for the longest time yet.