She Says… New Rule

Last night I reached my limit of Owen’s screams of “No Daddy”. I just… couldn’t hear it anymore. And I didn’t even know how to react anymore. The behavior was making Benjamin sad, me angry and Owen throw tearful fits at something completely inevitable.

So I made a new rule. No more “No Daddy”ing.

Generally I’m all for putting emotions into words and Owen expressing himself and letting him dictate what he can during his day. But this Anti-Daddy campaign has gone on long enough. And now I fear that it is being used as a tool to get what he wants (me) ALL OF THE TIME.

I put my foot down.

Starting last night, no one in our house is allowed to say “No Daddy”. Last night after dinner I offered to do the dishes while Benjamin and Owen played upstairs together. Usually it’s the other way around, but I could tell that Benjamin needed some Owen time and Owen needed to see that he can’t just boss us around. And guess what… they had fun! Yes, Owen spent about half of the time whining for me, but when he realized I wasn’t coming every time he scrunched up his face and wailed, he settled.

Today is an all-Daddy day and I am at the office. This morning when Owen tried his first “No Daddy” I shut it down immediately, and from then on things seemed to be good. So maybe Owen just wanted to see how far he could push the Anti-Daddy Campaign before there were limits. Now that there are limits, I think we’re good.

Phew. Rough week. Let’s hope we’re back to normal starting tomorrow morning! We have a fun weekend planned starting with a breakfast date with Owen’s best buddies at school and an afternoon playground date with one of my mom group friends who I met when our babies were only 12 weeks old. I’ll tire the ‘tude out of Owen, if nothing else.


2 responses to “She Says… New Rule

  1. Good job! I have a 7 1/2 month old who is starting to do the same thing so we’re making a point to make sure she spends even more time with daddy. I’m sure it’s just a phase, but it breaks his heart. They’ll be happily playing and then I walk through the room and she starts fussing. Hopefully we can nip it in the bud and avoid an all out anti-daddy campaign. Good luck to you all!

  2. A few weeks after you first posted about this the first time, I got the BabyCentre “your toddler” update email and it specifically referred to this very common and normal behaviour of favouring/rejecting a parent and I totally meant to forward it along to you, but figured you also got the emails [because validation from BabyCentre is the be all end all, right?! :-D]

    This hasn’t happened to us (yet) although I do sort of see the potential in it starting because the last few days, he truly only wants ME to read the bed time books (even though we’re both there with him) but I am attributing it to the fact that I’m just more fun at reading them 😀

    I do hope that the new rule puts an end to it – it would break my heart too!

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