She Says… Snotfest

Last Friday we had a follow-up appointment with Owen’s pediatric pulmonologist (the lung specialist who we started seeing after Owen’s 3rd recurrent pneumonia and asthmatic tendencies). It was quick and painless. She took one look at this healthy, growing boy who hasn’t had a pneumonia since we started his daily asthma treatment 3+ months ago and we both agreed that what we are doing is working beautifully. I won’t go so far as to say that he’s healthy as a horse (and not even as healthy as your average non-daycare kid), but he’s doing awesome on the breathing treatments. He’s made it through a couple colds and 1 ear infection since December without any major issues or chest x-rays or multiple trips to the doctor. Happy Mama.

Then, of course, almost immediately after we left the doctor’s office, Owen started to seem “off” to me. I had noticed it a little last week: the clinginess and prevalence of “Hold you, Mommy”s. Being easily frustrated and quick to tears. Slightly watery eyes. Just a look about him that I could tell he wasn’t quite himself. Generally he was acting like his happy little self, which I’ve come to learn can be quite deceiving. He never lets on when he’s not feeling good. But usually I just know.

As the weekend went on, his crabby mood escalated and he collapsed into a puddle of tears at the tiniest little infraction. I took him to the pediatrician on Sunday just to rule out an ear infection (thankfully, and miraculously, they were both clear). Judging by the hand stuffed halfway down his throat all day and the river of drool coming out of his mouth, I’m going to call teething on this one. And the snot-sealed nose and increasingly awful-sounding cough is a pretty standard nasty cold.

Head cold + teething = sad baby.

This also makes me think that the biting incident may have been a result of feeling pain and not knowing how to tell someone. The kid may have a lot of words for his age, but some things (pain! anger! frustration! sadness!) aren’t able to be expressed in his vocabulary just yet.

So we’ve been doing a lot of this:

Still, today’s weather (nearly 70 degrees in March in New England?!) was too good to pass up. He stayed in his jammies, but we took a glorious 3 mile walk and we chatted about all of the cars and trucks and buses going by. And when we got home, he insisted on riding his little bike around our driveway and checking the mail about a million times (even though the mailman hadn’t come yet).

Here’s hoping a day home with Mama is enough to bring the little guy back to good health.


3 responses to “She Says… Snotfest

  1. Right there with you but we’ve had some pink eye thrown in for good measure. I always second guess myself when I start thinking that one of both of the girls are starting to get sick but I’m always right … A Mommy just knows … Hope he’s feeling better soon!

  2. That look he’s giving you in the stroller? I get that look ALL THE TIME. Haha!

    Mine has tonsillitis for the first (and hopefully last time). This sick kid stuff is for the birds!

  3. I feel you! For us, it seems like teething and colds go hand-in-hand. I have heard this teething thing can go on for months before one even pokes through–and Maya has been showing signs of teething for nearly 2 months already (she is six months old). I hope she and Owen get some relief soon!

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