She Says… Adventures with Baby and Elmo

Apparently this is a continuation of this post. In addition to potty training them, Owen decided he would like to do everything with “Baby” and Elmo today.

They watched cars together (one of Owen’s favorite things to do). He pressed their faces up to the window so they could see too.


They played guitar together. Baby rocked out! Who knew she knew so many chords.


They went for a ride in the sled together. Too bad we haven’t gotten enough snow to really use this bad boy too much this year. But we pull it around the house despite the weather.



They went for a drive.


I’m not sure what they did to upset him, but Owen had to pull over and eject them. Sorry, guys!


Owen cooked for them.


And fed them cookies.


And FORCE fed them cookies.


And then they all had a post-cookie drink under the high chair.



Cutie pies. I am loving this “pretend play”!


4 responses to “She Says… Adventures with Baby and Elmo

  1. The cuteness is almost overwhelming! 🙂

  2. So adorable! hilarious captions, too.

  3. Adorable! Great pictures.

  4. So flipping cute!

    Yesterday Cameron insisted that one of his bears sit at his little table with him while he drank some milk while getting dinner ready and all of a sudden I hear him going “khaaaa” (you know the sound you make when you take big drink of something good) over and over and I look over and he’s putting the straw in the bears mouth and making drinking noises lol

    God I LOVE this age!

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