She Says… Phrases

For the last few weeks Owen has been stringing words together to make phrases. Little sentences. It is AMAZING how much you can communicate with only stringing 2-3 words together.

Doggie tail WAGGIN’.
Funny doggie.
Hold you, Mommy. (He says “Hold you” instead of “Hold me”. That one melts me EVERY TIME)
Wake up!
Buh-bye, Dada.
Phone RINGIN’.
(Always said in ALL CAPS)
Police car.
Soccer ball.
Ride bike.
Go go go ‘chool!
More cereal.
More yogurt.
More _____.

The world is an exciting place, people. Always something new to point at and talk about. He’s big into emphasizing verbs recently, and he’s learning the “-ing” suffix. Though for Owen it’s “-in'”.

I have been trying desperately to get these precious conversations on camera, but to no avail. As soon as I get the phone/camera out, he’s all, “All done! See. Pikkers (pictures). OWEN.” All he wants to do is gaze at pictures of himself when the camera comes out.

Who can blame him, right?

I mean… look at this face.


9 responses to “She Says… Phrases

  1. Oh my gosh, that pea coat might be the cutest thing ever.

  2. @Gina, Thank you! It was a gift when Owen was born, and I’m SO SAD that he’s growing out of it. As you can see, it’s verging on midriff-baring, but I can’t stop putting it on him 🙂

  3. I love language development SO MUCH! And Owen really reminds me of Daniel at the same age, so it’s fun for me to look back.

    The DUMP TRUCK bit reminded me: if you don’t yet own some Justin Roberts music, you totally should. It’s kiddie tunes, but you’ll love it. We have “Meltdown” and “Jungle Gym.” Both are great, but Jungle Gym has a great song about trucks that will really make you smile. (And sing along, it’s really catchy!)

  4. Oh! My kids used to say “hold you” and “pick you up” too. Thank you for that reminder. It’s so sweet and short-lived!

    The language explosion is one of the most amazing things I’ve ever witnessed.

  5. As I thought to myself, ‘Owen looks extra cute here’ I realised why: the little guy is totally channeling Twilight’s Edward Cullen. Seriously, he’s got both the hair AND the outfit down!

  6. @Sarah, HAHAHAHA! That is hilarious. I must admit, I haven’t seen Twilight, but I think you’re on to something…

  7. That coat is so darling. I am having a boy in may and totally want a coat for him like that!

  8. When Ethan started stringing together little phrases and sentences my favorite one came every time the phone rang: “Whozat???” Cracked me up every time!

  9. That kid has awesome hair. He needs a guitar ASAP so he can start working on his rockstar persona 😛

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