She Says… Playdate

Remember Owen’s best friend from school? Well, I should say friendS, because they are twins. For awhile Owen was totally enamored with one of them more than the other, but recently the names are interchanged when you ask Owen who his best friend is. Their little lovefest is utterly adorable. Every morning they eat breakfast together. And if one arrives before the rest of “the breakfast club”, as we’ve dubbed them, they greet each other at the window and usually don’t eat until the other one(s) arrive. They ask about each other constantly. Owen’s daily reports almost always include at least one of their names (“Owen loved building towers and knocking them down with X”)

This weekend we had a playdate with Owen’s buddies. He was beyond excited to see them on a non-school day, and even more so to go to their house and play with their toys.

It was our first kid-centric playdate. We’ve had lots of playdates in the past, but they were mostly with our friends who happened to have kids, so we threw them together and hoped they played nicely so the parents could hang out. This time, though, was the first time it was the kids who were connected and the parents were along for the ride.

Luckily our “blind date” went great. We had a blast! What began as a breakfast date quickly turned into lunch, and would have lasted even longer if the wee ones didn’t need to nap.

(But believe me, they did.)

There were pirate hats and crayons and books galore. Tunnels to scoot through and boxes to jump in and toys to bounce on. We even had a dance party and Owen showed off some of his best moves! And, bonus, a playdate with twins is double the fun! They totally entertained each other and the adults were actually able to have a lovely breakfast.

Owen even had his first taste of chocolate in the form of chocolate chip pancakes. His mind was blown.

It was so fun to hear the twins talking just like Owen, using similar words and phrasing. Group dynamics are a powerful thing! I could listen to Owen talk all day, and having three little voices babbling was just about the sweetest sound. The things that came out of their mouths cracked me up constantly

We did find out one very sad fact, though. Even though the twins live only a couple miles from our house, they are in a different school district, so the breakfast club won’t be able to continue into elementary school. Sniff sniff

Still, I see many happy playdates in our future. Little buddies are the cutest and I’m so glad Owen has these two by his side at school.


8 responses to “She Says… Playdate

  1. What cute pictures! Glad they had such a good time.

  2. Owen is so cute with his little buddies! I can’t believe that you’ve been holding out on him with the chocolate! For shame! 🙂

  3. They are adorable!

  4. Ahhh play dates. Our son is almost 4 and he still only usually has play dates with our friend’s kiddos or his bajillion cousins. Not that so far it’s a bad thing, but someday I am going to have to invite some other kids from daycare over! Congrats on venturing into the world of meeting other parents for more than just drop off/ pickup 🙂

  5. That is so cute. In my head these three will be friends forever, school districts be damned!

  6. This post is adorbs. And as a twin Mama, I loooove that your sweet little Owen has befriended some twinsies. Awesome that you got along with the parents, too! I always wondered about that… Mom and Dad actually “met” their Couple BFFs “late” in life literally b/c I became besties on-field with a soccer teammate. So cute!! xoxo

  7. i wonder how the parents of those twin boys feel about you posting their photos online. you didn’t mention consulting them. just a curiosity, not trying to be inflammatory or anything.

  8. @Barbara, Great point! After discussing this with the boys’ parents, we decided to take down some of the pictures. While they appreciate being “featured”, there definitely are some concerns about the strange attention twins can get, so we decided to take down some of the photos. Thank you for bringing this up.

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