She Says… Soaking It Up

Things have been a little uncharacteristically quiet here on the blogfront. Do you know why? It’s not because we’ve been overwhelmed or busy or rushing around. It’s not because something stressful is happening behind the scenes. It’s not because I have some big announcement that I’ve been hiding from you.

Just the opposite, in fact.

Things are… calm. And peaceful. And lovely.

Yes, I live with a toddler. And yes, I just said peaceful.

All of a sudden, a few weeks ago, the 4 month sleep regression that plagued the fall (in retrospect, probably a combination of a period of massive language development, illnesses, travel, molars, canines, holiday excitement, etc.) ended. It just… ended. Our mornings quickly went from crying at 4:30am/5:00am every morning to waking up at 6:45am or 7:00am to sweet babbling coming from Owen’s crib. Sleepy smiles and cuddling in pajamas and book reading replaced tantrums over having to change a diaper.

Owen’s vocabulary has grown so rapidly that we are now having actual conversations. And chatting together has become the center of our days. We talk. We laugh. He is HILARIOUS. I am pretty certain we have a budding class clown on our hands. We have dance parties and go for hikes and throw a ball for the dog and run errands and get coffees and make zucchini bread and play in the sheets while we fold laundry and Owen is, in a word, a joy.

To be honest I really don’t know if this is the result of a change in Owen’s behavior or just my attitude towards it. But either way, we’re in this magical, happy place. And again, I have that feeling of just wanting to stop time. Just like I said when Owen was 1 year, and 6 months, and 6 weeks… this is my favorite age.

Now let me pause here and say this: I am well aware that this golden period may not last very long. We are rapidly approaching the Terrible Two’s. Heck, things could be different when I pick him up from daycare today! I know that these sweet days may be numbered. “This too shall pass” goes for the good and the bad.

But in the meantime? In the meantime I’m just soaking them all up. I’m closing the computer and ignoring emails and basking in the glow of this little person who is growing up right before my eyes.

So tawlk amongst yourselves while I soak it all up.


4 responses to “She Says… Soaking It Up

  1. Hooray! I found 12-24 months to be such a roller coaster. The hard parts were really hard, but the good parts were SO good! Glad to hear you’re in an up-phase.

    P.S. I really liked age 2. Our hardest was the few months leading up to 3. But then 3 was a delight. A lot of people say it’s the half-ages that are the worst, and I’ve found a grain of truth in that.

  2. Yay! This is a fun time in our house, too. Chatting & laughing & playing & learning with a fun & funny little guy. Eli’s teachers tell us he is already the class clown 🙂

  3. Oh, I LOVED the 12-24 month time, when Ethan was learning anything and everything, and playing and laughing and having so much fun. And I don’t think the Two’s were totally terrible – two and a half, well, that was a different story. I agree that the half ages might be the hardest. Of course, to be fair to my little boy, his little brother was born when he was two and a half, so that may have contributed! But we are nearing three and a half now, and I’m already getting a glimpse of what’s in store for us – and it ain’t pretty! So, yes, soak this peaceful time up now! Because smart, active little boys can give their mommies a run for their money!!! 🙂

  4. I loved the 2s. I agree that the half ages are more difficult – they always seem to test their limits more in the second half of the year. When people have asked us about the “terrible twos” we just tell the truth: yes, the lows are lower, but the highs are higher, and it’s all so amazing to watch.

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