She Says… Potty Training

This kid cracks me up.

Every. Single. Day.

(And no, we’re nowhere near actual potty training.)


5 responses to “She Says… Potty Training

  1. Man, Owen and Faith would get along. Faith organizes her toys so her two Elmo dolls stay with the cookie monster doll…and she’s never even seen the show. 🙂

  2. Owen is adorable as always…and I am so freaking in love with that chair!!!

  3. I really love that Owen has a girl doll. Way to be progressive!!! 🙂 Props!

  4. @Stef, Thank you! That was my first furniture purchase for the new house. I’m loving the fabric too.

    @Anonymous, Thank you! He loves his baby and we make a concerted effort to keep things gender equal. I read something once about how our culture often assigns a male gender to inanimate objects (Mr. Bear), so in our family we try to balance it out by having an even number of “girl” and “boy” things/names. The doll was a bit of a hard sell at first, but now he just says “Baby” and doesn’t care whether it’s a boy or a girl. I love that!

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