She Says… The True Test

I didn’t want to bring this up for the last few weeks in case I jinxed us, but no one in this house has been sick since the beginning of December. Yeah, yeah, Owen had pneumonia (for the 3rd time) then that landed him an appointment with a pediatric pulmonologist, but since then, we’ve been HEALTHY. I mean, 100%, not-even-a-sniffly-nose healthy. For some of you out there, you might not consider two months without a visit to the pediatrician anything out of the ordinary. But for Owen (and probably most kids in daycare), that’s rare. Nay, beyond rare. Like seeing a unicorn grazing in a field on your way to work in the morning. Especially in the flu-iest months of the year.

I credit this stretch of health to several things.

  1. Continued handwashing. We’ve always been ok about this, but have really made it part of our daily routine before each meal and snack for Owen in the last 6 months or so. No antibacterial soaps or sanitizers, but good, old-fashioned soap and water.
  2. Probiotics. Every morning in Owen’s milk. No proof that they are working, but they can’t hurt!
  3. Preventative medicine. New treatment of his reactive airways disease/asthma thanks to the pulmonologist.
  4. Time. Slowly but surely, I think that little immune system is getting stronger and stronger. He certainly came into contact with LOTS of germs during this time (one of his best friends has been out of school for 1.5 weeks now with illness), but maybe, just maybe, he’s getting strong enough to fight them off.

At our well visit two weeks ago (yes, we had a true WELL visit! Not a well visit turned sick visit, as per usual…), our pediatrician said that “the true test of the new asthma treatment is not the fact that Owen hasn’t gotten sick; it will be how he reacts when he DOES get sick.”

Well, judging by Owen’s snotty nose, whining, consistent cough and disrupted sleep that have built up over the last 2 days, I think we’re about to face that true test.

But I think we’re going to be just fine.

Owen hasn’t had a serious fever yet (temp was slightly elevated yesterday, but nothing terrible). The snot sounds like it is staying in his nose, and not traveling into his lungs, like it has in the past, which then turned quickly into pneumonia. We’re doing breathing treatments twice a day and adding some albuterol to keep his airways open and hope hope HOPE to head this off before it gets ugly. Bring it on, true test.

Unfortunately Owen snuggling up with me and coughing my face and wiping his nose all over mine has taken its toll, and I spent yesterday drinking tea and eating soup and blowing my own nose all day. In some ways it’s helpful when I get sick when Owen does, because I can tell what he’s feeling even when he can’t tell me. On the other hand, it also means I never get a chance to have a true “sick day” to get rid of it. That’s life as a mom, I guess!

Sniffles begone. And pneumonia, you better not show your face ’round these parts or you’re going to get your ass kicked.



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