She Says… Virus Attack

Oh, friends. I had so many things I wanted to tell you today. But alas, the universe had other plans.

My computer has been gobbled up by a virus. Yesterday I opened my computer to write a blost post and BAM! The shit hit the fan. Prior to yesterday, I never really knew what people meant when they said that a virus destroyed their computer. I mean, it’s not like there is actually a little gremlin in your computer breaking things, so how could it be that bad? But the truth is, it is.

Some link on some website installed something on my computer (technical, eh?) and all of a sudden my company virus protector program started practically screaming at me. WARNING! WARNING! THERE HAS BEEN A BREACH IN SECURITY. A full computer scan showed upwards of 50 files that had “worms” or “malware” or were “infected”. In other words, shit. I called my IT help desk and instead of saying, “Oh, no big deal, it’s just a popup thing”, like I expected, they said, “Oh no. No no no. That sounds major. You need to disconnect from the network immediately and bring your computer in as soon as possible. When can you be in the office? We’ll be waiting for you.” Like it was a sick child and the team of doctors was waiting outside the emergency room door for the ambulance.

Sick child it was not, thank my lucky stars. But I still felt all nervous and jittery and (emabrrassingly) overwhelmed by the possibility of not having my computer available every second of the day. It’s my… everything (you know, beyond Benjamin and Owen and Schnitzel and my family and friends and house and blah blah blah). I do my entire job from it. I blog on it. I spend ridiculous amounts of time finding things to pin on Pinterest on it. I am on Facebook and Twitter on it. I email on it. It’s my connection to the outside world.

And right now… it’s in critical condition in the emergency room IT office. And I’m stuck at the office waiting for a clean scan so I can take my baby home.

Hope to be back up and running tomorrow!


3 responses to “She Says… Virus Attack

  1. Oh, I feel your pain. In 2009, I went through, ready for this…5, yes F-I-V-E computers at work b/c of virus attacks. It was insane.
    The up side…I got really diligent about backing my sh*t up!
    There is nothing worse than the moment your screen is inundated with pop ups yelling at you and no matter what you touch it gets worse.

  2. Oooh, I have been there! That is the worst. I somehow fell for a trick a few months ago when I got a authentic-looking windows popup saying that there was a threat detected on my computer at work, and I had to install software to fix it. Little did I know that the very software I downloaded was, in face, the virus! Argh! Can they give you a temp computer to use in the meantime?

  3. My computer is precious to me too (and I mean Precious in the Gollum sense)
    Hope you’re back up and running soon!

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