She Says… Bundled

Last night we FINALLY got some snow around here. (Umm, yeah, not counting that strange pre-Halloween snow that we got in October). I didn’t even know it was supposed to snow, and (rather embarrassingly) went to bed before it started last night, so I was shocked to see the ground covered in white when I woke up this morning! It was a decent “first snow”, too. Usually the first snow gets me all excited and then ends up being a lame dusting that turns to ice. But this was a few good inches of nice, fluffy stuff. The perfect amount — all of the ground was covered but the shoveling was easy, and there was no ice.

I opened the door to let the dog out this morning and squealed to Owen, “Snowwwwwww!”. He promptly said, “BUH bye” and tried to close the door. Ha! But once we got him bundled and ready to go to school he was shouting “Noooooo” right along with me.

Prior to the snow, though, this weekend was BITTER. That kind of biting, harsh cold where the wind seems to cut through all of your clothes and pierce your skin. When just being outside stings and any exposed skin is swollen and cracked.

We’re struggling with bundling up. Well, let me rephrase that. OWEN is struggling with bundling up.

He still adores going outside. He will stand at the back door to our deck, face plastered on the window, and whine, “Ayyoh! Ayyoh!” (Note: I have no idea why he still says some words totally incorrectly, even though he says nearly 200 words relatively clearly. Outside is one of them.). We need to walk Schnitzel anyway, so we’re outside at least once a day for a good stretch.

But then he refuses to wear his “Nyeh nyeh” (mittens).

Which is fine for a little while. But then when his skin gets all red and puffy, he holds his hands up and cries. And won’t put on mittens and won’t tuck his sad hands under the blanket and won’t let me hold them or blow on them to warm them up. Then our walk is over. And if we’re not home yet? He whines and sniffles and whimpers the rest of the way. So I end up stressed, power walking and dragging the dog the rest of the way.

You’d think he’d learn just to keep his darn mittens on!

We’ve been doing his regular clothes + fleece onesie (see above) + winter coat + boots + mittens + hat + blanket over him in the stroller. I have a set of bib overalls for when we play in the snow, but usually that seems like overkill. I use the cover on the stroller when we go for walks when the air is painfully cold (like this past weekend). I call it “the bubble” and made him think it’s a super fun treat to get to “ride in the bubble”, so he’s cool with being zipped in. For now. We’ll see how long THAT lasts.

The mittens thing is beginning to make me a little crazy. We’ve been using just cotton mittens, but unfortunately he can easily bite those off (even with mitten clips). I’m thinking I need some heavy duty ski mittens that go halfway up his arms so he can’t take them off. Anyone ever seen anything like that?

Do your kids wear tolerate mittens? Even a hat is a struggle with Owen, so I’m still squeezing his growing head into a small, 9-month old hat we have with a velcro chin strap. What can I say? The kid has a small head. So far he hasn’t figured out how to tear that off. At least not when he’s wearing his mittens.


13 responses to “She Says… Bundled

  1. hats at that age were always difficult to keep on my child at that age. Nowadays, not so much!-(esp; when it freezing out!) Yes, I had to do the same thing…find hats with velcro on them or attachment!
    Can you find a hat/mitten set that’s fun & cute OR that would peak his interest? I picked up a ‘dinosaur’ winter set & my son loves the mittens-esp; the color(s) and the design of them. Makes for great handpuppets & entertaining!
    Had to giggle a bit, because we have THE ‘bubble’ too! Good Luck!!

  2. Hi Kate. Check out L-Bow mittens at We put them on our boys before we put their coat on, which makes them virtually impossible for little hands to remove. They really work well. Little thumbs are difficult to get into the mitten thumb, so their hands end up being more like paddles, but it’s not too big of a deal. Good luck!

  3. I have the same mittens issue, especially since my kid treats stroller time like an all you can eat buffet. So I can’t use bulky mittens because then (THE HORROR) she won’t be able to hold her fruit leather.

    It’s gross, but I give her my sweaty running gloves to wear (about a mile in) and she thinks that’s hilarious and will wear those for a while…at least long enough for her hands to not be red any more. 🙂

  4. @JO, That’s a great idea to get something he actually enjoys wearing. Wonder if that would work…

    @Pete, Those are AWESOME. Sounds like it would be worth the investment, for sure. Thank you!

    @Kara, Hahaha. So now all I need to do is find someone to go running for me and make some gloves all sweaty 🙂

  5. I see no shame in putting him in snowveralls when it’s that cold! Raffi wore his winter hat for the first time this weekend, and despite being only 3.5 months old and strapped into a carseat he managed to get it off (with mittens on!). I have no idea how he did it.

    I would definitely go for ski mittens, and even try and see if you can buy him hot chillies with the thumbholes (or something similar). That way even if he insists on biting his mittens off his hands will be partially covered.

  6. I am SOOOO glad we don’t have to deal with bundling up for cold weather. We have had 1 day (yes, just ONE) where I’ve had to put Eli in a coat rather than in just a fleece pullover.

  7. we have a cute velcro hat and mittens set from LL Bean that might appeal to him bc of the animal designs… and it comes in sizes that would be plenty big for him!

  8. Good luck, I have no help to offer. A- adores hats and gloves and will NOT keep them on longer than 5 minutes. And even the time she’s wearing a hat, she doesn’t want it to cover her ears.

  9. Love “the bubble!” I need to make sure to get some water proof cover for the stroller we end up buying. Winters in wyoming require some seriious bundling!

  10. I also love the bubble idea! 🙂
    Yeah, no suggestions here; my toddler absolutely hates mittens and takes them off immediately. Sometimes we get lucky with a hat, though.
    200 words is really impressive. I have been trying to compile a list of words my little one says, but I feel like I am missing a lot. Do you have a list running? Just wondering the best way to tackle this.

  11. Snowsuit with fleece fold over cuffs to encase her little paws against her will. Ours is by Columbia, it’s a fleece layer and shell that zip together. She protests, but not as loud as the crying from frozen fingers. Miracle product!

  12. @RhodeyGirl, Double layering with a hotchillys layer is another great idea! Wonder if I could keep him still long enough to get 2 mittens on each hand…

    @Megan, I think keeping a running list (in Excel or something like that) would be a fun idea, but I just don’t have the time. We have a book of “Baby’s 1st 100 Words” and he knows and uses 95% of those, so beyond that I just estimated. I will probably stop counting now, though 🙂

    @Lia, That sounds perfect!

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