She Says… Up, Up, Away

We did it. We packed Owen (and 1/2 the nursery) up and headed out super early this morning. We babbled about the airplane and for the first time, Owen totally understood. He kept saying “Hehpay (airplane)! Up, up up! Sky!”. We’ve probably taken about 5 or 6 trips (so, 10-12 flights) with Owen, and every single time I have been pleasantly surprised at how easy everything was.

Today things were not necessarily in our favor. We sat at the gate for almost 45 minutes before taking off. For the first time since Owen was big enough to sit in his own seat, the flight was completely full and he had to sit on my lap the whole flight. This was pretty much my nightmare scenario. But you know what? We survived. We played with our favorite airplane toy and ripped pages out of the SkyMall magazine one by one. A cup of ice provided at least 10-15 minutes of entertainment. It really wasn’t all that awful (for us OR the people sitting around us). Time passed. It’s over.

Now we’re chillin’ in O’Hare waiting for our second flight. That’s right, I said second flight. In all the times that we’ve flown, we’ve never had 2 flights. Or a layover. Or a flight that conflicts 100% with his one nap of the day. This will be all kinds of an experiment. Not one I really wanted to do, but it was necessary this time.

And I’m sure we’ll survive.

All I can say is, thank goodness for a bag full of snacks (Pirate Booty! Crackers! Freeze dried fruits! Raisins and craisins! Apples!). And airline clubs. Right now we are sitting in the “family room” letting Owen watch a little tv (rare treat) and play with huge building blocks. That beats climbing on the same old terminal chairs any day.

Really not sure how this next flight will go. Ideally Owen will fall asleep on my lap and the flight will be quick and painless. Ha! We’ll see. Either that or he’ll get totally wired and cranky and will have a complete meltdown. We’re renting a car when we reach our destination so at least he can have a quick carseat nap then. Only time will tell.

Hope your weekends are filled with less travel than ours!


4 responses to “She Says… Up, Up, Away

  1. This is a coincidence of a post for me because Hubs and I are planning a vacation to California in June (Cameron and I stayed home last year when hubs went there for training, if you remember, because I was too afraid to mess with his sleeping & the time zone change), but this year we’re going and it’s a 12-14 hour travel day. Cameron will be 22 mths. There a minimum of 1 stop with a long layover or two stops with two shorter layovers. I have absolutely no idea which one to choose. Two stops will “break it up” a bit more being more “eventful” for him and he one stop with one layover puts us on a plane for 6 hrs (not including taxiing) which I’m HOPING will include him sleeping for some of it. I’m already getting anxious about it to the point that I’m considering shelling out the extra $900 to ensure he gets his own seat! lol Do you think I should do that, or just chance it? We have never flown with him before so we have no idea how it will go (not that we would considering he will be months older then (years in “toddler age”). But you’re right, we will survive!! I long and difficult day it may be, but we will get through it one way or another. I am definitely going to check into those airclub lounges – going to check out Newark airport now!

  2. @Angie, I was honestly really surprised how FINE we were without a seat for Owen. Totally up to you (as 6 hours is WAY different than 3), but if you can’t or don’t want to spend the $$$, I think you will be ok. It’s not ideal, but like I said, time passes whether you are having fun or not 🙂 And, you never know, there very well may be a seat available… this was the first time we’ve ever NOT had a seat available, and it’s New Years weekend, so I wasn’t surprised. Good luck with your trip!

  3. I was able to get Faith to nap on my lap when we flew, but I didn’t know how uncomfortable for ME that would be. Having her sleep on me was much nicer when she was a little baby, but now that’s she’s almost 30lb it’s a recipe for a sore back and numb legs. 🙂

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