She Says… Mini Vacay

Christmas is over. As a kid I can remember feeling a certain sort of melancholy after the big day ended. Yes, I had new toys and clothes and blah blah blah, but the anticipation was over. The prepping and dreaming of what Santa will bring and fussing over the details is most of the fun, isn’t it? This year, though, I don’t feel like that. The warm and fuzzies from Christmas are still lingering and Owen is having a blast playing with all of his new toys. We’re gearing up for a trip to see some of Benjamin’s extended family, too, so there’s no time to devote to the “Christmas is over” blues. It’s onto the next big thing!

Between the Christmas buzz and the upcoming trip, though, is a rare period of quiet. Benjamin and I are both taking time off of work and Owen’s daycare is open (and paid for), so we’re doing something we haven’t done since Owen was born: taking a few days of vacay just the two of us. And by “taking a few days of vacay” I don’t mean sitting on the beach somewhere (though that would be nice too!); I mean sitting around our house and running errands and doing all of the little things we’ve been meaning to get done since we moved in. Organize the basement. Pack up Christmas stuff and organize the baby stuff Owen is growing out of. Sew some curtains for naked windows. Return things and get a few other things and generally tie up loose ends.

This may not sound very relaxing to you. But it is to me.

Don’t worry — it’s not all boring chores. Yesterday Benjamin and I went to the mall, got lunch and went to a matinee movie. A movie! I can’t remember the last movie we saw in the theaters. It was probably before Owen was born. (Mission Impossible 4 at the IMAX — Whoa!)

It’s amazing how much can get done in a day without a toddler to entertain/feed/clothe/nap/play with/read to/diaper/etc.


4 responses to “She Says… Mini Vacay

  1. Haha, we’ve done EXACTLY the same the last two days. Mostly errands, but also a cozy lunch & watched a movie together. I do find it incredibly hard to deal with this “perfect” opportunity because there are so many contenders of things to do or not to do and if we don’t plan, I just end up in this immobile state where all I’m thinking is “should I nap?? Clean? Do something fun? What kind of fun?? AHHHHH”

  2. Having a few days as “non-working adults” while babe is in day care sounds wonderful. Hubs and I had planned to take a day to ourselves this week as well because Cameron’s day care is also paid for, but low and behold, he contracted hand, foot and friggin mouth disease at some point before the holidays and woke up xmas morning with a fever and now we’re stuck in the house with mouth and hand ulcers 😦 It’s really a mild case, but it’s contagious and since I’m off this week, I’d feel guilty bringing him into a day care, even though if I weren’t off, he’d likely be back there already from what I’m reading. We were SOOOO looking forward to having a “date” day and seeing a movie!

  3. Dude, that sounds spectacular. Color me jealous!

  4. Sounds GLORIOUS. I’ve been cleaning our storage unit and reorganizing closets on my holiday half-days from work while the sitter is here, and that four hours or so flies by! It’s amazing how much I can get down without worrying about Elle being underfoot, but a full day or two would be awesome, too 🙂

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