She Says… Christmas Recap

As I’ve said before, I adore Christmas. I love the tree and the lights and the music and the buzz in the air. I love finding presents and wrapping them up and watching people unwrap them. My family always does Christmas in a BIG way, and my memories of Christmas are chock full of food and singing and noise and pets and presents and family. This year Benjamin and I stayed home to start some Christmas traditions of our own with Owen instead of traveling to see my family.

While I missed seeing my siblings and parents and Owen’s cousins and being surrounded by the craziness of the holidays, we had a quiet, sweet, calm Christmas. I daresay this is the last time I’ll use those words to describe Christmas!

As usual, I woke up super early on Christmas morning (even before Owen!). Going downstairs to see the tree wasn’t quite as exciting as it could have been since we had been putting the Christmas presents under the tree as we received them instead of all at once on Christmas Eve. Our families bought Owen so many presents that Benjamin and I barely bought him anything! In the future we will wait until Christmas Eve to put the presents under the tree, but since Owen doesn’t have a clue about Santa yet, we really didn’t need the big reveal this year. But in addition to the wrapped boxes that he had seen accumulate over the last few weeks, there was also a Cozy Coupe and a play kitchen, which he was super excited about.

We started the morning like any other (with a sippy of milk and a breathing treatment), and then starting digging in to the presents. I had to keep asking Owen, “Do you want to open another present?” in order to get through our huge pile… he’s not quite to the point of tearing through the presents yet.

This meant I could have trash bags and recycling bags all organized and we cleaned up all of the packaging as we went along. Again, I’m sure this is the last year we’ll be able to be so organized. But hey, that was MY Christmas present!

After we opened presents for awhile, Grammy and Grampy came over to share in the Christmas cheer.

Nana and Pop came over on Christmas Eve for dinner, too, so Owen got to see both sets of grandparents on Benjamin’s side for Christmas! Lucky baby. And lucky Mommy and Dada, because Pop built the Cozy Coupe to put under the tree 🙂

Owen had a blast opening each toy, and since we were kept things pretty low key and he slept/ate as normally as possible (no chocolate in his stocking this year!), we avoided the usually inevitable tantrums and overtired/wired baby syndrome. I’m guessing next year that will not necessarily be the case. So we enjoyed every minute of it this year!

Hope your holidays were just as lovely.


3 responses to “She Says… Christmas Recap

  1. That’s wonderful that BOTH sets of Grandparents were able to spend time with you all!! Owen may not remember, but you will & that’s something you’ll never forget & will always cherish! I love creating new family traditions, esp; with your Own family!
    As you already can assume, NEXT year will be a blast! What a year a diff. will make! Like you, I have a July baby too(3 1/2 yr. Boy!) and this is *really* the first Christmas Holiday where he’s been super excited!
    That first pic. that you posted says it all! Love the expression on O’s face, while scooting down the stairs. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

  2. Sounds like a great holiday for you guys! Low key is always more restful i think. Funny – my one year old was wearing the exact same shirt on Christmas day – good choice :).

  3. Faith LOVES her cozy coupe, so Owen should have a blast with his. Faith got her first tricycle for Christmas this year and she looks so cute sitting on it…haven’t figured out the peddles yet. 🙂

    Glad you had a great Christmas!

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