She Says… Cracker

Meet the newest member of our family.

A fishy.

Apparently his name is Cracker (“KACK-errrrr”). Owen insists.

To be honest, I’m not generally a fan of fish. I constantly think they are dead. I’m used to pets who need daily attention (feeding, petting, love of some sort) and I have a hard time leaving the fish alone for several days at a time. Which in turn leads to overfeeding the fish (if I remember correctly, this is the fate that a certain fish of my brother’s met many years ago, thanks to me).


But Owen? Owen LOVES the fish. He makes fish faces at him and tries to pat his bowl. He offers him food (and finds it hilarious when I say things like, “Fishies don’t eat eggs! Fishies don’t like hummus.”). So I’m getting over being not that into fish. Because someone in this house is getting attached.

Happy Holidays! Check back tomorrow for our annual video Christmas card 🙂


2 responses to “She Says… Cracker

  1. A beta! Yay 🙂 We had one growing up that lived for like 6 years. Then we went through about 5 in the span of 5 months. One bad one after another… haha Good luck with Cracker. I think the worst part of fish is changing the water. I get super freaked out about moving the fish. In college it flopped out onto the kitchen counter and I shrieked like a 5 year old. Not my finest moment.

  2. Ok, I’m completely missing the point of this post, but does Owen really eat those green peppers? I can’t even get my kid to entertain the thought of bell peppers. Also, I can’t trust her with a plate because she throws it, food and all. Do they teach them food manners at daycare?

    Can I send my kid to you so she can learn to eat like a civilized toddler? 🙂

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