She Says… Come on

I don’t like to announce it on the blog when Benjamin goes out of town because it creeps me out thinking about who may be reading (and stalking). But now that he’s on his way home, I can let the cat out of the bag.

He’s been gone since Friday morning.

I was bracing myself for a LONG weekend, what with Owen getting over pneumonia and being by myself and it’s beginning to get too cold to spend all day outside and blah blah blah. But you know what? We had one of the nicest, sweetest, silliest weekends together. Just me, Owen and Schnitzel. There were lots of kisses and funny conversations and fun playtimes, and only a few back-arching, overly dramatic, crocodile tear tantrums. I’m pretty proud of myself for doing all that I did. Owen and I vaccuumed and did laundry almost every day, and I did *almost* all of the dishes every night. I made healthy meals for both of us and got a little Christmas shopping done. I wrapped presents. I remembered Owen’s medicine every morning and night. We took at least one walk with the dog every day. In short, we were doing pretty well. Emphasis on the were.

Yesterday I had to go into the office (as opposed to working from home, which I do a lot of the time), which meant that I had to get Owen to daycare as soon as they opened in the morning and get on the road to work. The commuter rail has been having issues recently, so I drove into the city because I had to pick Owen up at the end of the day. It was a mad dash in the morning, a whirlwind day, and then a mad dash at night to pick him up and get him home in time for dinner. After dinner I checked our porch to see if we got any packages (’tis the season!) and I saw this note on our front door.

I felt like I was deciphering a clue on some weird scavenger hunt.

A “pip” was “licking”? I thought she meant a puppy was licking a wound or something… then I realized she meant a PIPE was LEAKING.

Ummm, uh oh.

So I scooped up Owen and dashed out the door (in my work skirt and tights and no shoes) and, sure enough, there was a pipe spraying water all over our yard and the side of our house from a million tiny holes.

So THAT’S what a pipe looks like when it bursts.

I quickly realized it was going to be tough to investigate this issue with a toddler attached to my hip, so I ran to our neighbor’s house and asked him for help. Within a few minutes we figured out it was our sprinkler pipe, which, thankfully, has an easy-to-locate shut-off valve in the basement. No harm done except maybe a few gray hairs. And however much it costs to fix the pipe.

Ok, I’m ready for Benjamin to come home now!


15 responses to “She Says… Come on

  1. Oh no, not a licking pip! Heavens to Betsy!

    That note is priceless. I’m so happy you took a picture.

  2. Dear god, you all need a tropical vaca, like NOW.

    Totally thought the note meant a puppy was licking a wound, too.

  3. That note is one of the funniest things I have EVER seen! It was really nice of them to write to you though! 🙂 Hahaha but so funny!!!!

  4. What’s wrong with sooooooooo many people not being able to spell properly!!!!!

  5. Totally looks like a kid wrote it. Good for them (authentic spelling and all)! And good for you it wasn’t any worse!

  6. What a story! So glad it ended well. Another joy of homeownership! Creative spelling works. I think it probably was a child who did it, and what a kind and neighborly thing to do. In many neighborhoods, no one would point out a problem like this until it was too late. I’m glad Benjamin is on his way home too.

  7. @jm, The girl is maybe 6 or 7 years old, so I forgive the spelling mistakes 🙂 I love the way it’s written.

  8. Thank Heaves for neighbors(or not?)! We’ve had our share of water leaks this Summer, where we had a mainline water leak under the house. Not fun. Imagine that. Yep! Our house essentially looked like a moat with *no* front walkway to the door. The whole entire front yard was bulldozed! Sigh….
    Hugs. Hope it’s not to costly to repair. BTW, the letter is sweet!

  9. Definitely save that note! I am willing to bet that she will love it as she gets older (and is maybe of a good babysitting age???). She sounds awfully responsible. Too, too funny. Thank you (and good citizen) for providing a much-needed laugh today.

  10. Haha, I definitely thought it meant Schnitzel was licking himself inside the house or something. I got stuck on that sentence for a good minute trying to figure it out! Glad it was just a sprinkler pipe and nothing more “crucial.”

  11. “liking really bad like bursting” oh my goodness! How sweet of the girl to leave a note. I’m glad that it wasn’t any worse. Doesn’t stuff like this always seem to happen when husbands are out of town?

  12. that is so awesome!! hilarious note!!!

    ^^ i agree with sarah! it is “husband is out of town” karma or something. when our house got robbed my husband was out of town. and now he’s out of town and it is mommy and baby vomit-fest 2011. wives who have husbands who never travel don’t know what it is like. and on the other hand, i have NOOOOO idea how wives whose husbands are gone months / years on end do it either.

  13. When my kids were little, “husband out of town” was a surefire euphemism for “one or both kids will wake up and puke in crib/bed at 2 AM”.

    I also am a fan of your concerned young citizen ritting (sic) the letter. That deserves a letter of commendation or summat.

  14. Hard to believe a six/seven year old would have such even writing…..and even better composition. I taught third grade last year and their handwriting and composition were terrible!!!
    So if it is ttruly a little girl who wrote that note, I take back my comments on poor spelling because she is to be highly commended on the writing and composition 🙂

  15. Oh dear! Please tell me that was a young child writing that…or should I say rittin’ that.

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