She Says… Bocelli

You know how I told you Owen is in love with Elmo? Well that love affair pales in comparison with the newest love in his life…

Andrea Bocelli.

Yes, seriously.

The other day we had to do an extra breathing treatment before bed to treat Owen’s pneumonia. I turned on the tv ready to put on a DVRed episode of “Sid the Science Kid”. When I turned on the tv, though, a concert of Andrea Bocelli singing opera in Central Park was on. Owen’s jaw literally dropped open. He froze. He gazed at the tv silently, in a trance.

“Do you want to watch this instead of a show?”
“That’s Andrea Bocelli. He’s singing opera.”
“Ahhhh” (he sang a quiet soprano note imitating the opera singer in the sweetest little airy voice)

Owen was mesmerized for the entire length of a breathing treatment. He whined when I turned it off. He picked up the remote and handed it back to me. “Pees? Ahhh. Mo! Mo!”. Please? Opera. More opera.

Now THIS is a love affair I can get behind. Although I’m a little sick of how many times we’ve heard this particular concert already, the songs are gorgeous. And for a music nerd like myself, who knows almost every word to almost every Broadway musical, studied voice for several years and performed in every show I could find from Gilbert & Sullivan to Sondheim to Andrew Lloyd Weber to Cole Porter, I can totally appreciate the music. And, hey, the picture moves slowly (bonus for babies) and it has given us the opportunity to talk about conductors and choirs and singers and music and orchestras. These are a few of my favorite things.

So now the question is, where can I find concert DVD’s of more performances that are equally as beautiful and calm and serene as this one, but with no commercials? It kind of sucks to have to fast forward through the commercials and commentary.

Has your child ever been totally into something generally not for kids?
P.S. Thank you for all of your kind words (and, ahem, sympathetic laughter) on Friday’s post. Last week was nutty, but we’re doing our best to break the cycle of crazies. We’ve had a really nice weekend and Owen is recovering well from his latest fight with pneumonia. He even slept until 6:30am this morning, and so did I! Much needed rest for both of us.


12 responses to “She Says… Bocelli

  1. This is funny considering there are 2 Andrea Bocelli CD’s on my desk right now that my mother gave me this weekend b/c she has doubles. Owen’s got good taste 🙂

  2. My kid has a deep love affair with Taylor Swift and Blake Shelton. That’s not embarrassing to admit. 🙂

    She would sit and watch country music videos for hours if I’d let her!

  3. I love this post more than I can express! My husband and I took Janie (same age as Owen) to a concert last night at a local church, and she sat mesmerized (and trying to sing along) for 2 entire hours. It was NOT typical toddler music 🙂 Also, I thought of Celtic Woman – they’re on PBS plus you can buy their DVDs and CDs. I bet he would LOVE them!

  4. What a mature little guy you have! I find it so interesting what will hold their attention–things that we never would have thought of!

  5. Given the Elmo love affair, I’m sure you’ve checked out the Elmo/Andrea Bocelli “Time to Say Goodnight” clip on YouTube… but if you haven’t, you should! My daughter totally freaked out the first time she heard that beautiful voice :).

  6. You HAVE to get video of him singing in that sweet little voice! Eli LOVES when football is on tv. He has been enamored ever since he was 4 or 5 months old. Now, every time he sees ESPN or football, he points at the tv and yells AHBAH!!! (Ahbah = football… bah = regular ball.) He’ll sit and watch for minutes. 🙂

  7. I was a musical theatre nerd, too, and now I’m a “lifer” — both my husband and I work in theatre! Our three-year-old ADORES all things musical theatre. He comes to our rehearsals and sings and dances, and he memorizes the lyrics to whatever show we happen to be working on — which is how he learned every word to Footloose, Jekyll and Hyde, Charlie Brown, the list goes on! He loves to come to our shows, and he’s such a good little audience member now. Never too early to start! 🙂 (If you want to bring Owen to some kid-friendly theatre, I can pass the info along to Ben!)

  8. I didn’t know you were a Broadway lover! We should go to a show sometime – even if it’s just in Boston!

  9. @Kara, Country music videos are an AWESOME idea. Why didn’t I think of that?!

    @Kelli, Celtic Woman is another great suggestion! I’ve never seen the videos, but I do love their voices. Add that one to the Christmas list…

    @kateandcarla, Ohmigod, you just made my night. I had no idea such a collision of obsessions existed.

    @Carly, So cute!!! I wonder what he would do at a children’s theater-type production. Not sure if the attention span can handle that yet, but you’re totally right that it’s never too young to start. I would love to know some good places 🙂

    @Sarah, YES and yes! That would be awesome. Benjamin humors me, but it’s not the same as seeing it with someone else whose eyes tear up at the show. Would love to.

  10. So funny–as I sit here reading this, my husband starts flipping through the channels and lands on this Bocelli concert! Soooo beautiful! We love Alan Gilbert (the conductor) too, and have seen him several times as Lincoln Center. Do you have cable with an “on demand” feature? If so, perhaps they have some more concerts which are commercial-free?
    One of my friend’s babies loves watching Lady Gaga perform on TV! She is very talented, but her HBO special even made me blush! Too cute when he says “Gaga” in his baby voice though.

  11. Chloe is oddly obsessed with Celtic Women … oh and Toy Story 3

  12. Our youngest was totally obsessed with rocks (of the rough gemstone variety) when he was a preschooler. When he was 5 he requested – and received – a small but professional rock tumbler – the kind that tumbles rocks for several days tp polish them to a fine finish. He had a special quartz rock that he used to place on my forehead when I had a headache or fever to make me “feel better”, It worked, too. Somehow the coolness of the rock slowly absorbed my pain or heat and I would feel much better – I have no idea where he learned that.

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