She Says… Comedy of Errors

We have a LOT going on right now. I was in Chicago for 2.5 days last week and New York for 2 days this week. Benjamin is going out of town for 5 days. Owen is still recovering from his latest bout of pneumonia. We’re seeing the pediatric pulmonologist next Friday. I’m the parent rep for Owen’s daycare so I’m asking all of the parents to donate to our teacher holiday gifts. It’s, you know, Christmas time, so we’re ordering presents left and right and trying to find little things to fill stockings. There are holiday meals to plan. Not to mention the crazy year-end stuff I’m doing at work. And on and on. In the midst of all of these things, we’ve been a little bit frantic recently. It seems like one ridiculous thing after another keeps happening. Like we’re in this cycle of comedic errors. See?

  • On Wednesday when I was staying in a hotel in New York, I forgot my contact lens case. I used two drinking glasses to store them overnight, filling them with about 1/2″ of saline solution. In the middle of the night I woke up and was parched, so I went to the bathroom (in the dark), filled a glass with water and started chugging. It tasted a little funny but I figured it was just New York water… until I felt something weird in my mouth. I DRANK MY FREAKING CONTACT LENS.
  • It was pouring rain when I drove to the train station to go to New York. I HATE driving in the rain and it took me forever to get there. Visibility was awful, I took a few wrong turns, and then realized I was AT THE WRONG TRAIN STATION. Finally I arrived at the right station to find that the parking lot was completely full, except for one empty spot at the tippy top of the garage (that I only found by driving slowly through every. single. gosh. darn. lane.). One. Thank goodness I wasn’t 5 minutes later. I literally ran from my car and got to the station just as the train was pulling up. Not like me!
  • Two mornings in a row this week we woke up to Schnitzel puking. In our bedroom. On the light-colored carpet (of course). Benjamin and I blotted carpet at 4:00am together — very romantic! If it’s not Owen waking us up at an ungodly hour,apparently it’s Schnitzel. Will I ever sleep a full night again?
  • While I was in New York, Owen was having a rough day. He wasn’t feel great (and I was gone), and when he woke up early from his nap and was have a weepy afternoon, Benjamin decided to pass the time by driving him to Ikea. (Shhh! Don’t tell! We’re getting him this play kitchen with the top from Ikea for Christmas). I guess he thought that maybe Owen would fall back asleep in the car. Instead HE CRIED THE ENTIRE WAY. And then they might have taken a wrong turn that resulted in driving farther than expected, and by the time he figured out where they needed to go, he decided to go back home again. No Ikea. Just a wailing baby for 1.5 hours in the car. Definitely one of those “he’ll never remember this, RIGHT?!” moments.
  • This morning we were rushing to get Owen to daycare and Benjamin backed the car out of the garage… taking the side mirror with it. Ooops. And then he missed the turn for daycare. Double ooops. What is wrong with us?

Stop the madness! I’m hoping this weekend we can get our heads on straight and break this cycle. It’s beginning to feel a little out of control.


11 responses to “She Says… Comedy of Errors

  1. So…uh….do you have to pass the contact lens? Does your colon now have 20/20 vision?

    Also, my dog had morning sickness when I was pregnant and threw up every morning for a while. Do you have something to tell us??

  2. @Kara, 1. I spit out the contact as soon as I realized something was in my mouth, so no, thankfully. 2. Ha! That would have been a really backwards way to tell you guys I’m pregnant. NOPE. 100% certain that’s not the reason. I think it was the salami bites he snagged out of Owen’s high chair seat a few days ago…

  3. WOW … that sounds like the worst few days I’ve heard of in a long time. At least you’re being positive about it! I would have been a total grump! Way to keep your head held high!

  4. Drinking the contact lens is awesome. Totally something I would do.

  5. The contact story is cracking me up. Hopefully the weekend is uneventful for you guys!

  6. OMG I’m sooo sorry for laughing, but the thought of you sleepishly drinking your contact lens together with your recent post about how you do crazy ninja moves in your sleep has be beside myself in laughter!!

    In all seriousness, I hope Owen is feeling better – poor fella!

  7. kate..omgoodness. Talk about bloopers & snafus this holiday season!! Good Luck with pediatric pulmonologist & safe travels to your husband(with *no* hiccups along the way)!

  8. Sorry to laugh, but I’m glad you can see it as comedy and not disaster. It will get better – do everything you can to relax and enjoy the holidays!

  9. The backing the mirror into the garage thing made me laugh the hardest! Can’t tell you how many trips to the garage door store I’ve taken in my lifetime. 🙂 Hope next week is less eventful for you guys. I always read your tweets on the right but don’t have twitter….I 100% agree with you on the baby #2 thing. I don’t have a friend in real life that ISNT preggo with #2 [ok I might be exaggerating but it feels that way]. Waiting isn’t the popular thing these days it seems but that’s what we are doing too.

  10. I’m sorry, but I definitely had to laugh at the final wrong turn. Let’s hope for a great weekend, shall we?? 🙂

  11. Kaaaaate. You have a lot going on! Our babies are finally recovering from their first bout of “being sick” and it I have a (very small) taste of what the past year and a half have been like for you and Benjamin with Owen and can I just say YOU DESERVE A ZILLION GOLD STARS. Seriously.

    Oof. I am sending healing vibes and wishing you some sleep and snuggles with a healthy little boy.


    PS When I’m stretched too thin I totally get the “comedy of errors” thing going on too. Very normal. But not fun!

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