She Says… Third Time Is The Charm

Guess what? That wheeze we heard? Yeah. Owen’s 4th chest xray in his short little life confirmed bronchialitis and pneumonia. Again.

For the 3rd time in the last year.

This one, being the 3rd time, also won us an appointment with a pediatric pulmonologist next week to look into the possibility of some larger, underlying issue that may be contributing to this issue. That makes me simultaneously relieved and terrified. More on that later.

We’re treating the pneumonia a bit differently this time around, being more mindful of the fact that Owen’s asthma, although seemingly slight, may be playing a larger role in his frequent pneumonia than we originally realized.

Needless to say, leaving for a work trip to New York yesterday was really, really difficult for me. Even though Owen is home with Benjamin, a fantastic caretaker and fabulous Dad, I just wish I was there too. I know his breath sounds and the feel of his forehead. I know how to rock him and put him back to sleep. His head fits perfectly in the crook of my neck when he wants to be held. I’m his mom. I’ve cut my trip short and will be coming home tonight instead of tomorrow night, though, which means I can snuggle that little sickie soon. In the meantime, though, Owen was about a million times better after only 1 dose of his new medicine, so I felt comfortable leaving him fever-free and breathing better than on Tuesday.

Stupid pneumonia. I hate you.



8 responses to “She Says… Third Time Is The Charm

  1. Oh man, poor Owen! I really hope he recovers quickly and the specialist can figure out how to stop this from happening so often!

  2. Owen and my oldest son health history are like carbon copies. I’m so glad you are going to the pulmonologist, for us finding the right treatment for him was like turning a switch on and off for my son’s breathing problems. We were lucky that the first specialist we went to was able to find a plan that helped him, first plan didn’t work, second plan was and still is what keeps his asthma under control.

    Best of luck at your Pulmonology appointment!!

  3. That poor little guy. 😦 I’m sorry you’re dealing with this and hope your trip goes by fast so you can get back to rockin him.

  4. Poor little guy! Hopefully he’s feeling better and the specialist can help.

  5. Awww, I hope he feels better soon!

  6. Poor Owen, and poor Mommy and Daddy! Hope he’s feeling better soon and hope that you guys get some answers from next week’s appointment.

  7. Ooohh, Kate, not again!! Poor sweet Owen and poor mommy, having to be away. Hope that you get home quickly to your sweet baby boy!

  8. Dear Kate,

    My english is not so good (sorry for that), but if you would like to hear my story (My son’s fight with regular bronchial asthma and method which help us forget about these problems already for 7 years), you are welcome to email me to In our case the problem was detected as allergic reaction to a Dermatophagoides farinae inspite of we are living in very celan and tidy house. We had to change flooring from carpet to parquetry and some additional efforts to make our child room safe from this allergnen. A doctor, who looked after us, treated this allergy with method called Bioresonance therapy. Since that time no more bronchitis, no asthma.

    I hope little Owen will get better as soon as possible!!!

    My best wishes,


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