She Says… Return of the Wheeze

WAH WAH WAH. Can you hear the sad trombone?

Remember how I was all giddy that I had finally cracked the code of Owen being sick all of the time and that he was healthier than ever and had actually escaped being sick when several kids in his class were sick last week? Yeah… that was all true… until a few days ago. A few days ago Owen and I both started to come down with the same symptoms. Scratchy voice, dry cough, clogged nose, sore throat (for me, and probably him, though he can’t tell me that yet), body aches, etc. I took extra vitamins and zinc and did my best to rest and drink lots of water. I did Owen’s probiotics and daily asthma treatment as usual. I couldn’t seem to shake the symptoms, though, and neither could Owen. I’m sure my travels last week didn’t help either.

Sunday night the old “Mama’s hand to the forehead” trick told me that Owen had a fever. Side note: The last few times we have taken his temp I have guessed correctly within .3 degrees! That Mommy Sense is a powerful thing. A slight one, given his history, but still, enough to make me realize he really wasn’t feeling well, despite his relatively happy attitude. Yesterday he seemed to be doing ok, though the cough was getting gunkier. And then last night, I heard it. That sound that makes me cringe.

The wheeze.

It’s back.

Despite the fact that I have been doing albuterol treatments since I heard his cough. Last night the fever was over 101, which means no daycare today. This morning it is above 102 and I’ve checked in with the doc.

Apparently I spoke too soon.


7 responses to “She Says… Return of the Wheeze

  1. The wheeze has enter our home. As we live in a town that doesn’t have an after hours clinic, so we were at the ER last night, for about 4 hours. They gave Amelia a breathing treatment. She LOVED it. I hope Owen feels better soon:)

  2. Oh man, poor Owen! I still have my wheeze from bronchitis and I feel his pain!

  3. I just want to cry for him (and you!). Yesterday we got another double ear infection diagnosis. What is with these boys?! Let’s move near each other and open our own asthma/ezcema/allergy/ear infection daycare, yes?

  4. @Sam, Argh! So sorry you are dealing with this too. Hopefully it was just a fluke for you and not a regular occurrence. Go Amelia for taking the breathing treatment like a pro 🙂

    @Kara, I know, right? It sucks. I had bronchitis a few months ago (with Owen) and after our doc appointment today I can confirm that we both have bronchialitis. The tight breathing is awful!

    @PhaseThreeOfLife, Oh no! Sad! Maybe ear tubes are in your future, then? I’m sorry. Move near me and at least we could each take 1/2 the number of sick days we have to take 🙂

  5. Poor little guy, hope he feels better soon. My little guy has been perpetually sick this winter too. It seems like every time he gets over his sickness, a new one strikes.

  6. My 2.5-year-old is fighting a cold, double ear infection, and pink eye. And I’m just days away from giving birth. Cold season sucks – let’s hope we can all clear out these germs quickly! Feel better, Owen!

  7. Poor sweet Owen! It never ends!!

    As for Ryan The Ear Infection King (PhaseThreeofLife’s little one) he already has tubes but is STILL getting ear infections! 😦

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