She Says… It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

I have had the nonstop Christmas music station on since the day after Thanksgiving. Yep, I’m that girl. Hey, you only get to listen to it for a short time every year, and I’m going to get my fix while I can! Our calendar is bulging at the seams for the next few weeks, so it’s easy to get wrapped up in feeling like the holidays are almost over. And that just won’t do. Not for someone who loves Christmas like I do.

So over the weekend we bundled up and headed out to get a Christmas tree. It’s our first Christmas in the “new” house and I was excited that we could finally look at bigger trees than ever before, because we have taller ceilings and didn’t have to carry the tree up a tiny, windy staircase like in our old house.

Owen even got out “Dada” (which is what he calls our vacuum, since Daddy is the one who uses it at our house) and helped clean up the pine needles. The kid is still obsessed with cleaning. Brooms, mops, rakes and vacuums are his favorite toys!

We also got a wreath for the front door that I plan on decorating and we put lights outside. I’m a white lights-only person, though I do love ogling other peoples’ tacky lawn decorations.

I’m pretty particular about how the lights are done on the tree so I rushed to get them on before our neighbors came over for an impromptu tree decorating party. They brought champagne and we toasted our new friends and the official beginning of the holidays.

Now I smile every time I walk by the twinkling tree. Owen has been pretty amazed by having a tree in his living room. He points at the star on top and shouts “Dawr! Dawr!” and finds every round ornament on the tree and exclaims, “Ball!”. Had to explain that those balls are not for playing (and we put only unbreakable ornaments on the bottom half of the tree). We debated anchoring the tree to the wall in case my little climber decided to scale the tree, but decided that that’s pretty unlikely. We’ll see if we eat those words.

What about you? Are you a white lights-only person or do you go multi-colored? Do you put out big lawn decorations? Anything other than a tree and stockings? Ever had a toddler knock down a whole Christmas tree?


10 responses to “She Says… It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

  1. Another white-lights-only person here! They’re so classy. This is our first year in a house, so we were pretty pumped to put the lights up outside (plus wreath on garage, garland on mailbox, etc). We’re feeling very Christmas-y this year.

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed that Owen doesn’t scale your tree, if you’ll do the same for me. So far, Ryan seems pretty uninterested in demolishing it… we’ll see how long that lasts. 😉

  2. We do white lights too. Just love how classy they look but I have serious respect for the people that go all out. Christmas is the best, I also love the music. I have a one-year-old and a three-year-old and while they haven’t knocked down the tree I have some serious ornament thieves on my hands.

  3. We ended up having to put a gate around the tree to keep the pets and Zackary out. It made me sad, but we do let him turn the lights on every night (we put them on a remote so he can easily do it). We use warm white LED’s inside (I too am particular about how the lights go on the tree so that is my job) and red bows (which are also my job because I like them evenly distributed) and the regular ornaments which we all participated in – even Zack. We also have one large wreath on our garage, a smaller wreath on our front door, a fake tree on our porch (with colored LED’s – Zack loves them so, I had to let him have one tree he could comment on the “petty coo’s” and we have two small trees with white lights flanking each side of the garage. My neighbor has the blowup things (which I HATE) but Zackary seems to love them. Happy Holidays!

  4. I have pulled down not one, but two Christmas trees! My mom was so pleased with me… But at least I didn’t try eat glass ornaments like my sister did!

  5. I’m a strict white lights only, no tacky blow up ornaments at all too. Small colored lights are ok even though I’ll never do them myself but the big bulb colored ones are just hideous. Sorry, they are!
    Owen’s cleaning obsession could come in handy in a few years 😉

  6. I finally bought white lights this year and I’m excited to get them on! We had colored lights from pre-Jen and it hasn’t been terrible (I banned tinsel my first year) but I’m ready to have my red, white, and silver decorated tree that matches the rest of our holiday stuff. I don’t really like letting anyone else decorate it, but that’s what you do when you’re a stepmom, right? 🙂 I just rearrange a few after they leave. For the front we do a wreath, which I also just bought and decorated, and a giant bow hanging from the front door. Bob puts a flood light on the entrance way and we do the candle-like lights in the window. Just enough for me!

  7. Well… I am happy to admit that I LOVE colored lights on my tree. I always have. I love the warm glow they give off when all the other lights are off. Plus we do a mismash of all our decorations so why try make it all match! For some reason white lights are just too sterile for me, although I do think they are very classic looking and enjoy them on other folks’ trees. Neither kiddo has attempted to scale the tree or pull it down, but they do love taking down the ornaments with toy-like figures and make them have adventures in the branches 🙂

  8. We go white lights outside, but our tree is colored lights. Our tree is such a hodge podge that it seems best to have the multicolored lights. We have ornaments I made as a kid, from students I used to teach, beautiful gifted ornaments and now ornaments my kiddos made along with ornaments from my grandparents’ tree.

    We put up a tree, stockings, advent wreath, advent box, and a nativity set.

  9. Like Kristy, we do white lights outside and colored lights on the tree. I’ve always been in favor of a tree that tells a story through the memories connected to each ornament as opposed to having a “designed” tree. My parents gave me an ornament every year, and we’ve started this tradition with our son as well. We also get an ornament on each family vacation (which up to now hasn’t been too many!)

  10. I’m also THAT girl with the Christmas tunes the day after Thanksgiving…I even cheat and have them on the ipod some in November. 🙂 I’m a multi-colored LED lights only girl though. I do think the white is pretty but, to me, the brightness of Christmas is colorful – not just white. However, I don’t think I’m tacky with the colors – I try to make them look pretty and tasteful. We decorate with colored lights inside and out. We put wreaths on the door and above the garage. Also, we live at the entrance of our neighborhood and we’ve made a lighted display that says “…and to all a good night” that people see as they leave. I love Christmas and so far it’s been fun with Callie this year. She does a good job not messing with the tree…she’s even ran up to it and opened her arms to “hug” it! So Cute!

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