She Says… Sniff, Sniff!

The Good: Owen (and I) slept in until 5:50am this morning!

Oh, that still seems early to you? Well then you haven’t been sleeping at our house for the last, oh, two months. I’ve written about it here and there, but the end of Owen’s last sickness plus teething (4 molars in the last 2 weeks, and at least 1 canine pushing through now) plus the time change really got Owen in a sleep deprived cycle. He was sleeping less due to not feeling great, I felt sad for him since I knew he wasn’t feeling well so I went in and cuddled him at night, which resulted in him wanting to get up and play, which turned into a nasty cycle of both of us getting up ridiculously early for a ridiculously long time.

And did I mention that within that time he started screaming and crying through his bathtimes (when he previously adored them) and melting down into back-arching tearfests at the slightest thing? Yes, I’m going to bet that they were all related.

But I’m beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. The bath crying was fixed by a few weeks of early bedtimes, long naps and some fun baths with his cousin, Becca, over Thanksgiving. This morning he slept a bit later with no early morning crying, and I’ve been giving him the opportunity to put himself back to sleep for the super early wakeups (4:00am, anyone?) so we can get back to our “old normal” schedule. I didn’t know how good I had it when he was sleeping until 6:30am!

Also good — (KNOCK ON WOOD) despite our Thanksgiving travels, Owen is 100% healthy! I really think we’re on to something with our routine of daily probiotics and preventative asthma treatment. He seems healthier than ever before, and he has even fought off colds/fevers that went around daycare without getting sick at all. Perhaps the tables are turning and all of these antibodies he’s created by being sick are going to pay off?

The Bad: I’m going away for a few days.

Sniff, sniff! I dropped Owen off at daycare this morning and I won’t see him again until Saturday morning 😦 Well, I’ll peek in on him on Friday night when I get home, but hopefully he won’t see ME until Saturday morning. I’m off to Chicago for a quick work trip. Even though I will miss that sweet smelling, soft-skinned, funny little guy, I am going to do my best to fully enjoy 2 nights in a fluffy bed and waking up to an alarm clock, not a baby crying. Daddy will hold down the fort like a pro, I’m sure!

Off to work, pack and get to the airport.


10 responses to “She Says… Sniff, Sniff!

  1. And housekeeping – don’t forget that! 🙂

  2. Glad Owen is healthy! I am a firm believer is probiotics for myself, and am considering them fo Maya, now that she has started day care. However, she is only 11 weeks old, so I’m not sure if her digestive tract and immune system are mature enough yet. What probiotic do you use? How old was Owen when he started taking it?
    Hopefully you catch up on sleep in Chicago, and Owen starts to sleep later!


  3. I’m going through the early wake ups with Cameron still (since May!) and nothing is working. Early bed time = might wake up even earlier. Late bed time = he just loses sleep and wakes up early still. There were a few 4:30 wake ups lately, but usually he’ll squawk for a second at 5:00 (which always wakes me and I can NEVER get back to sleep) and by 5:20 he wakes and cries. Even if I go in and lay him back down, rub his back and tell him to go back to sleep, it “might” work for all of 20 minutes and he wailing by 5:45 and by then it’s so close to 6 and it’s hard to know what to do. Leaving him there to work it out doesn’t seem to be working. We had ONE week where he slept to 6:15 and that was it. Am I doomed to wait for the clocks to change again? He’s still on 2 naps, but his day care provider is going to transition him (and the other babies) after xmas. I’m holding out that getting one nap will eventually make him want to sleep a little longer at night. Jeez I hope!

  4. You know, if I had the same problem and then traveled, the problem would be fixed by the time I got home. My husband takes FOREVER to wake up and get the baby, so she’d just go back to sleep or amuse herself with toys in her crib. Sometimes when I’m gone, he’ll say: “She slept in until 7:30am!” and I’m like “I bet not. I bet you just didn’t HEAR her until then” 🙂

  5. Very weird, but Liam has been going through a suddenly-hating-bathtime thing too. And the melting-down tearfests over nothing? Um, yeah. Us too.
    So I feel ya there! The tantrums are really something to be reckoned with. Yikes! Godo luck 🙂

  6. I can’t imagine going away without the babe yet. i feel so bad for my hubs as R and I are going to RI for xmas a week before he csn join us. he is going to be so sad!!

    Q: what does giving him the opportunity to go back to sleep mean? Does he cry or just babble a bit?

  7. 100 percent healthy?!? YAY!

    Can you tell me what kind of daily probiotic you’re using? I’ve never really heard this as an option but am intrigued.

    Have a great trip!

  8. @Jen, We use Udo’s Choice for Infants. I got it at a local health supplement store, but they sell similar things at Whole Foods too. It’s a powder that you stir into milk or formula. I started using it when Owen started daycare at 5 months. I stopped while we were figuring out his allergies, though, and then didn’t start back up for a long time because I wasn’t sure if it was doing anything and was worried about his reactions to weird ingredients. But we started up again after our move and I really think they are helping a lot!

    @Angie All The Way, That is EXACTLY our schedule around here. Strange! Owen’s transition to one nap did get us a little extra night time sleep, but then that went away again with the recent teething stuff. Good luck! I was SO scared to make that transition, but I have to say, I really prefer the one, long nap. It gives me a chance to get a lot of things done and gives us two good, long stretches to play/go outside/run errands, etc.

    @Kara, I thought that would happen when I went to London a few weeks ago! And though he did “sleep later” with Benjamin (maybe?), he went right back to early wakeups when I returned. Oh joy.

    @Jen, Oh I feel your pain! The bath screaming totally baffles me. I have no idea what was wrong. Thankfully more sleep and cousins in the bath seemed to have cured us. I hope this “stage” passes quickly for you!

    @RhodeyGirl, I know, I hate leaving him! And can’t imagine how Benjamin must feel since he has to leave both of us more often. It’s getting easier as he’s getting older, though, and he rewards me with lots of cuddling (read: clinginess) when I get home, so I know he misses me too 🙂 And yes, giving him the opportunity to go back to sleep on his own means letting him fuss things out until he self-soothes and practices putting himself to sleep. Sometimes it’s crying, sometimes it’s babbling, sometimes it’s somewhere in between. But I have found that if I leave him for the right amount of time, he quiets on his own and goes back to sleep. Even though I’m awake listening to him from the next room, I think it’s a valuable skill for him to be able to calm his own body and go to sleep without me intervening.

    @PhaseThreeofLife, YES! 100%, honest to goodness, totally, completely healthy. I know, for kids like ours, it seems unlikely that this will EVER happen. But it’s happening! No jinxies! We use Udo’s Choice probiotics for infants. It is a white powder that mixes in to milk (I put it in his morning cup of milk), once a day. I honestly have no clue if it’s helping, but I know it helps develop the good bacteria in his tummy. Given his food sensitivities, sealing up that gut is a good thing! Obviously check with your pedi/do research for yourself before starting, but I think they are a very positive thing for the whole family.

  9. Thanks for the reply. I’m saving up this knowledge for when Raffi is a little older.

  10. We have been having a more difficult time with Zackary too. Not the sleeping and bathing thing, but the fear nothing, try everything, should be dressed in bubble wrap, developing an attitude thing. I was told last night by some wonderful mommies with older children that is the “16 month milestone” stage. It last a month usually and it makes you question whether you can handle any other children. Luckily once the month is over (give or take a week of two) you get your lovable, adventurous but not dangerous, talkative but not mouthy love bug back:)

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