She Says… Something’s Up

I’m going to blame Owen’s molars that he’s still working on pushing out for the fact that he was up at 4:00am this morning. I went in and snuggled him for a few minutes and tried to figure out what the problem was. For the first time in a long time (KNOCK ON WOOD!), he is healthy. Not even “Owen healthy”, which is generally healthy but with a bit of a runny nose, or healthy except for the remnants of his last virus… no, right now he is really and truly, totally healthy. So there was no snuffling or coughing to blame this early morning wakeup on. The temp in the room was right, his pj’s seemed fine, his sound machine and night light were on. When all else is well, I blame teeth.

I didn’t want to pump him full of meds unless absolutely needed (after the last few months of actually needing so many meds, I really try to limit them when they are not clearly necessary), so I put him back down and rubbed his back for a minute before leaving the room. Cue the crying. Usually he settles after about a minute when I go in there at night, but this time he was pretty clear he wasn’t going back to sleep.

Next time I got him up I changed his diaper and found that his inner layer of pj’s were soaked. We usually do a cotton footie pajama under a fleece footie pajama, so I couldn’t feel the wetness through the fleece, but he was definitely wet. Change of clothes. More snuggles. Back in bed.

More crying. The next time I went in I gave him medicine because I honestly couldn’t see any other reason for the sad crocodile tears, and I stayed in his room rocking and bouncing and feeling his little head get heavy on my shoulder. At that point it was 6am, which is our “it’s ok to wake up” time, so we turned on the lights, read a few books, and headed downstairs for milk.

What a morning!

Then straight to the doctor’s office for one last ear check (to confirm that the infection was really, truly gone) and to get immunizations and a flu shot that we couldn’t get at his 15 month well visit because he was sick at the time. Phew! Luckily Owen seemed to forget entirely that he had woken up at the ass crack of dawn and was in a fantastic mood. He charmed all of the nurses and barely cried for his shots. Tough cookie, that one.

While reading through the materials about the vaccinations he was going to get, I noticed a note that said if you give the Pneumococcal vaccine at the same time as the flu shot, children can have a higher chance of having febrile seizures with their fevers in the next few days. Given Owen’s history of super duper high fevers (though no seizures… yet… thank goodness), that made me nervous. After a discussion with our doctor we decided it was the right thing to do at this point in time, as the chances of that type of reaction are slim. We’re going to watch him carefully the next few days, though, and be ready for any weird reactions. He’s had the Pneumococcal vaccine two other times already and never had a reaction, so I think we will be fine, but since we’ve seen so many strange medical issues already I am always expecting him to be in the 3% or whatever small percentage has a weird reaction.

Anyway, all of that to say that we’re having a kind of rough start to our Thanksgiving vacation! Here’s hoping we get more sleep tonight and no reactions to the shots.


4 responses to “She Says… Something’s Up

  1. I bet it’s the molars! My daughter wakes up in the 5s every morning, we try to hold out till 5:45 to get her b/c that’s the time my husband has to be up for work and seems like an ok time. When she was 15-17 months she was up in the 4s pretty much every morning because of her molars. It took an entire 2 months for all 4 to come in and they caused her lots of pain. Giving her tylenol or ibuprofen never seemed to help so it was a rough couple of months in our home! But we got through it and I really hope his molars come in more quickly than hers or he can deal with the pain better 🙂 Here’s to getting more sleep!

  2. 3:44am is what time we started our day today. Is there something in the air?! Are all 15 month old in North America working on their molars right now?

    I’m sure Owen will do just fine this weekend post-immunizations. Preemies get their vaccinations at their chronological ages instead of their adjusted age so I think my son is ahead of Owen w.r.t. immunizations. My son only had a mild adverse reaction to his MMR–he ended up with a rash and low-grade fever due to the measles portion of it. I was also worried about the varicella vaccine but he did fine with that.

    Hope that Owen has a healthy and restful weekend with his parents.

  3. I hope he doesn’t have a bad reaction and a febrile seizure but at least they gave warning!! Maya’s febrile seizure had no warning and scared me to death!!!! Hope he remains healthy and maybe tomorrow he’ll sleep in for mama a lil longer 😉

  4. I hope you guys are doing ok!
    I don’t comment often but I very much enjoy reading your blog everyday – you are doing awesome work! I hope that Owen’s molars have shown up by now and that everyone is healthy 🙂

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