Daily Archives: November 15, 2011

She Says… Fun

When Owen was little, I used to think it was “fun” to “play” with him. I put both of those things in quotes because anyone with a young baby knows that tummy time is not usually very fun, even if your kid likes tummy time. And playing with Owen used to be making him giggle while he sat in his Bumbo chair, or dangling toys in front of him so he would grab them. It was a lot of me doing things to Owen and calling it fun.

But these days, playing with Owen is actually fun. The boy is hilarious. He is silly. He knows how to get a laugh, and he LOVES performing for a crowd. Or for Mama. Whoever will watch him, really. (Gee, I have NO IDEA where he gets that…). He makes up little games and wants to play them over and over again. He hides in a corner or a small space and giggles incontrollably when he pops out and “surprises” me. He will start to hand me a toy and then take it back at the last second and laugh and laugh because he “fooled” me. He will repeat a noise/action combo about a million times as long as it’s making someone laugh. Usually me. He likes to put on his bike helmet and asks to ride his bike (which is really me pushing him while he holds his feet up in the air, since he can’t reach the pedals yet).

He is beginning to pretend, too, which I find incredibly adorable. He pushes water bottles and travel mugs into my face so that I pretend to sip on them and then he exclaims, “NUMMY! CACKEE!” Yummy. Coffee. He still carries the swiffer around the kitchen (like he used to) and pretends to clean. Recently he’s been demanding “UP!” whenever I’m cooking so he can watch what I’m doing. On our Christmas list to encourage and nurture this kind of dramatic play: a play kitchen and a baby doll.

Although it’s hard to capture these games on camera (this is not the most scintillating video!), you can see a little bit of his goofy personality here.