She Says… WINNER and Happy Halloween

First things first, thank you to everyone who entered the “Ten Little Ladybugs” giveaway! The winner is… #17 PhaseThreeOfLife. Meghan, hopefully this book will help Ryan learn to love books a bit more 🙂 I bet that day will come when he is asking you to read them over and over and over! Congrats. I’ll send you an email to put you in touch with Piggy Toes Press. And remember, everyone else can still get free shipping on your orders with the code “FREESHIP”. So shop away!

Secondly, this weekend is Halloween. For those who have been reading this blog for awhile, you know that I LOVE Halloween. (Exhibit A, Exhibit B, and Exhibit C – Owen’s first Halloween). Every year Benjamin and I start brainstorming costumes weeks ahead of time so I can get a jump on hot glueing this year’s costume creation.

Do you know what we are going to be this year? Something we haven’t been in all the years we’ve been together for Halloween. Something I haven’t been… maybe ever. OURSELVES. Boring. Lame-o. I’m embarrassed even typing it. But this year, work and travel and Owen and this quilt-making class I’m taking sort of bumped my costume-making time, like, off the calendar. Halloween is in 3 days and we got nothin’. The main reason I am ok with this decision is that we don’t have any adult parties to go to, so really Owen was the only person who needed a costume. And while I generally LOVE the “whole family dresses up” idea, this year it just wasn’t necessary. And frankly, I’d rather spend my time making silly faces in the mirror and playing outside with Owen than making a costume any day.

So I did what any other thrifty, busy mom does. I went to our local consignment store and scoured the racks for the cutest thing I could find. And for $5, Owen is going to be the cutest little doggie in the world. A part of me is disappointed, since I’ve looked forward to making my kids’ Halloween costumes for practically my whole life. But we’ve been having so much fun recently that I’m sure my priorities are in the right place. And hey, there are going to be plenty of other Halloweens when Owen actually knows what’s going on and cares about his costume. So no guilt this time! Just doggies. And candy. Since Owen doesn’t need any candy this year (and won’t have a clue about what Halloween really means), we’re planning on playing out in our front yard and giving candy out to as many costumed kids as we can find. Since we’ve never done Halloween in this house before, we really have no idea what it will be like. But there are kids EVERYWHERE around here, so I hope we got enough candy!

Do you dress up with your kids for Halloween? Do you get lots of trick-or-treaters? What are your kids being for Halloween this year?


6 responses to “She Says… WINNER and Happy Halloween

  1. Oh my gosh, how funny (and awesome)! I’ve never won a giveaway before!!! 😀

    Your priorities are definitely in the right place. Halloween is my favorite holiday, too, and Ryan will be donning some skeleton PJs and will probably be asleep by the time we start passing out candy. But I still can’t wait!

  2. Shoot, sorry to mess up your crafty Halloween plans!

    I have yet to make a costume for any of my kids. Not a single one. It’s been Old Navy, year after year. Ah well.

    This year, they got new butterfly and pirate costumes, almost the same as they were two years ago. But now Rebecca is debating some alternatives, including the fairy costume she wore last year, and the Sleeping Beauty one she got for her birthday. I’m only pulling for the butterfly because it’s by far the warmest of the bunch…

  3. I’ve never been a huge Halloween person, but it’s so much more fun with kids! Unfortunately, I feel like I’m always too busy in the fall, with the start of school, etc, to come up with anything super creative. We have the skeleton pj’s for the little guy – who will hopefully be asleep by the time any trick-or-treating excitement goes down! And we’re taking our three-year-old out for his very first trick-or-treating, as Captain America! (Ben can tell you why that is the least clever or creative costume ever, but also why it’s kind of funny!) 🙂


    I love how your priorities are in the right place!
    Our daughter is going to be a cow this year. Can’t say that I made the costume (cough, Carter’s, cough), and can’t say I would be able to either. Since she is 15 months old, we are just going to take her out in her wagon to the neighbors that we are friendly with. We will also meet up with my best friend and her 10 month old for a photo shoot. 🙂 And of course she will see my mom. Other than that, weather depending, we will be playing outside!
    We don’t get a lot of kids here, so I usually buy too much candy. I always am afraid that I will run out!

  5. No, we usually don’t dress up for Halloween. We won’t be in town for Halloween, as we’ll be at our resort in nice, sunny weather! However, we will be bringing the costumes w/us as they’ll do a kid/family-friendly Halloween activity(poolside) & have all of the kids dress in their costumes! When we are home, we trick-or-treat w/the family & Grandparents! My child will be Spiderman this year. We have 3 other costumes for him to choose from, — a Clown costume, Buzz Light Year & Captain America(that I’ve picked up on Last Year’s Clearance rack for under $5 each). At least I have options, right??! The great thing is, is that I pass along some of the costumes to my younger nephews & extended relatives!
    Happy Halloween & enjoy that little nugget of yours! – I’m sure he’s going to make a super cute doggie! 😉

  6. Our little one has a skeleton onesie for Halloween this year. I wasn’t too excited about paying lots of money for something more elaborate, when we’re just going to be handing out candy. We’ll have a few trick-or-treaters but not a lot. I do love seeing all the kinds in their costumes though–especially if they’re creative.

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