She Says… 10 Little Ladybugs

I remember a few months ago when Owen was learning to crawl and walk, he could have cared less about books. Sit in your lap when I could be MOVING? You’re crazy, Mama. Reading before bedtime was even more ridiculous. He would much rather eat the cardboard or drink his bottle in peace.

Oh how the tables have turned. Now we can’t go 5 minutes without Owen dragging a book over and parking his little butt in my lap. No matter if we’re doing something else or even if I’m not sitting down, he just backs up and sits his little butt down on whatever surface he can find (sometimes just my foot). Recently this butt planting has been combined with an urgent request, “REEEE!”. Read. Even when I’m exhausted (and bored) from reading the same 3 books a million times, I absolutely positively can not say no to my little child asking me to read him a book.

When I read the familiar words of one of his favorite books, he snuggles down in my lap and smiles. He acts out some of the words like patting his head when I say “hat” and pretending to “chop chop” vegetables in one of our other books about a farmer’s market. He turns the pages with gusto. He makes the appropriate animal sounds (and sometimes inappropriate animal sounds… he sometimes says that every animal says “Quack Quack”) as soon as I turn the page, before I even say the words.

In the last few weeks as his vocabulary has exploded, he has begun to point his chubby fingers at every picture on the page and say, “DAT!”. It’s more of a statement than a question at this point, but he really wants to know what each thing is. A square. A duck. A balloon. A choo choo train. Often he repeats the word when I tell him (or completely botches it — if I say a word that sounds complicated, he often responds, “BEEEE!”, proudly, as if he has just repeated the word perfectly).

The folks at Piggy Toes Press (publisher of adorable pop-up, activity and board books for little guys) sent Owen and I a new book to add into our rotation. “Ten Little Ladybugs” is a super cute counting book with little plastic ladybugs stuck on the pages. Owen loves touching each one and saying, “DAT!”, even though he knows the answer. We’ve added our own flair to the book by saying “BUH BYE” to each one as we turn the pages. The words are simple and have a nice rhythm, and (bonus!) there are some animals included so we can make animal sounds (which makes any book a winner in the This Place is Now a Home home). See?

Want to win your own copy of this sweet book? Piggy Toes has offered to do a giveaway to one lucky reader! Apologies to my international friends; this one is for US residents only.

Here’s what you need to do to enter. Leave 1 comment for each of the following that you want to do. Each comment gives you an extra chance to win.

1. Follow me on Twitter and/or subscribe to this blog (by clicking the link in the left sidebar). If you’re already a follower/subscriber, let me know that in a comment and leave your Twitter name/email so I know who you are.

2. Check out the Piggy Toes website! Let me know which book you would put on your child’s holiday wish list.

3. “Like” Piggy Toes Press on Facebook and/or follow them on Twitter.

We will randomly pick a winner on Friday, October 28th.

Even though only one person will win a copy of “Ten Little Ladybugs”, EVERYONE can get free shipping on your order on the Piggy Toes website by using the code “FREESHIP”.


20 responses to “She Says… 10 Little Ladybugs

  1. We have a book about ten catepillars – my guy (13 months) loves it and has been listening to it since he was probably 6 months!!!! He loves when I stick my fingers through the holes – he just giggles!!!! Best part of the book is they all turn into butterflies….so the last page has them as butterflies sticking out of the page. Great book!!!!

  2. Hi Kate! Sara’s aunt just mailed her that book last weekend and we love it! We had five little ladybugs and like the extended version. She is super into reading too – it is making bedtime longer but I can’t say no either to a book.

  3. I totally want this book! I get the same thing with her smacking me with books and just sitting on me. 🙂

    I follow you on twitter, as you may already be aware. 😛

  4. I’m a subscriber to your blog but don’t do twitter!

  5. I would love to add good morning, good night or are you ticklish for my 9 month old son( and many more- they look too cute!)

  6. I subscribe to your blog and I liked Piggy Toes Press on Facebook. I would love to have either this Ladybug book or the Baby goes to Market book. Jenna loves to go grocery shopping and ride in the cart! Thanks for doing the giveaway!

  7. I ‘liked’ them on facebook.

  8. loooooove the video! still waiting for a vocab explosion around here; but we definitely have a book lover.

    i liked them on fb! [had to laugh about sam saying “i don’t do twitter”. i dont do twitter and i dont do texting! it’s fun being a holdout!].

  9. Oh my goodness SO cute! I love reading to my son but he’s still struggling to sit still through them. Some days he wants them other days he’ll grab three books and go look at them all alone!

  10. My little guy is at the squirmy stage, but I still try to read with him. I started really early on so usually we’ll make it through one book before we have to move on. I follow on twitter (@skr207).

  11. We have that book and Elle adores it 🙂 She and Owen sound a lot a like in their love of reading! I follow you on Twitter.

  12. I like Piggy Toes Press on FB.

  13. Elle is big in to Sesame Street characters and books right now – I like the Elmo’s ABC book in the Piggy Toes Press catalog 🙂

  14. Hooray for the little booklover! I knew he’d come around.

    I’m glad that book had a happy ending — I was getting worried about the disappearance of the ladybugs. 🙂

  15. So sweet 🙂 Cameron does the same “Dat” only it sounds more like “ussat”.

    I’d love to add “Five Silly Monkeys” with handpuppet to his library, I already follow you on twitter and subscribe to your blog 🙂

  16. this title made me think of the ladybug picnic song (old school pbs counting animation from sesame street I think – I still remember it so well and found it on youtube recently!)

  17. So funny… I posted a blog this morning about how Ryan could not be less interested in books, ha! I hope he turns the corner like Owen did. And I follow you on Twitter!

  18. I would actually pick the Ten Little Ladybugs from their site! My daughter (8 months) has a small stuffed ladybug that came with her playmat that she just loves. It is her favorite toy by far! And we are dressing her up as a ladybug for Halloween!!

  19. He is SO CUTE! Loving how into the book he is- also the making tongues-out faces after bath time.

  20. My 9.5 month old has been reading “Good Morning, Good Night” everynight for bedtime for the past 5 months! I have it memorized by now. I would love to add “Baby Goes to Market”. I followed you and PTP on twitter.

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