She Says… Cheerio!

Duty calls. I am in London for work so may not be able to post today (or maybe even tomorrow). Work, work, work!

I’m missing my two boys like crazy, though I know that Benjamin will have an awesome time hanging with Owen solo for a few days. He is such a sweet Dad. It’s so easy to fall into a pattern where one parent does certain things, and, for better or for worse, that means the other parent misses out. I bet he is enjoying bathtime and those sweet bedtime cuddles (which I usually handle). He may NOT be enjoying the food prep for daycare days (which I also usually take care of) or the morning wakeup routine (where Owen wakes up happy and alert and then cries and protests the 1st diaper change, even though we do it the same way every day!), but they are part of that adorable, squeezable, kissable, hilarious little package.

I’m spending 2 days in a hotel running a training, so it’s not like I’m gallavanting around town without a care in the world. Still, flying business class (with free champagne!) felt like a much-needed vacation day, and I am very much looking forward to getting two “nights” tomorrow since I’m leaving in the early evening, London time.

Although it’s only 2:40pm at home, it’s 7:40pm here, and my last session just finished, which means I’m off to wander the lovely streets and find some food for dinner. I DO miss putting Owen to bed at night and seeing his smiley little face after a wonderful day at daycare, but I must say, being alone feels pretty darn good once in awhile!

Nighty night.


5 responses to “She Says… Cheerio!

  1. At least your not pregnant with the possibility of getting stranded halfway across the world because of erupting volcanoes. Because that wouldn’t be any fun 😉 I’m sure your boys will be thrilled to have you home!

  2. @Sarah, HAHAHAHA. I know. That Munich trip last year was the last time my company sent me out of the country, so my fingers are DEFINITELY crossed for no natural disasters like that one before I get home. Even still, I’d be in a much better situation now if I got stranded than I was then!

  3. I hope you have a great time in London and enjoy showering in peace and eating without anyone grabbing your fork!

  4. Welcome to the UK Kate – Hope you enjoy your few days in London 🙂

  5. Hope you’re enjoying what you can of London! lucky you with the business class seats! 😉

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