She Says… Vroom Vroom!

… and we’re off! Heading to Benjamin’s parents’ house in New Hampshire for a little weekend getaway.

(Not our picture)

What we’re looking forward to: Mountain views, lots of playing outside, a hike or two, good food and a glass of wine at the end of the day (for Mama, not Owen).

What we’re NOT looking forward to: The car ride.

The plan is to play hard all morning (and even try out a kiddie gym in our area) to get Owen nice and tired, fill his belly with a delicious lunch and then hop in the car and drive as fast and as far as we can while he naps. Fingers are crossed for an uber-nap and no traffic so we don’t have to drive the rest of the way with our Music Together music blasting (one of the only things that keeps Owen from fussing in the car), stuffing him full of snacks (the other thing that keeps him quiet), or singing at the top of our lungs (which only works 1/2 the time anyway).

Wish us luck! Mountain air, here we come.


6 responses to “She Says… Vroom Vroom!

  1. Ugh, car rides are the worst. I mean, you’ll be fine. 🙂

    I highly recommend fruit leathers as a car snack. It’s a magic snack that keeps their little mouths shut.

  2. best of luck katie….first time…i’m d first person to comment on ur post………….teehaaa!!:)))
    Don’t Forget To Take Your Camera Out:)…

  3. aww kara…i was justt late…:((

  4. Good luck! He’s to hoping for a tired boy and a peaceful ride for his parents 🙂

  5. good luck!!! i’m sooo jealous! i havent seen mountains since my child was born!!!!! 😦 on another note, i thought my child was over the “scream hysterically in the car all the time” phase. but then last week he screamed for an hour and a half. i have to go somewhere 3 hours away on wednesday and i’m BEGGING anyone i’ve ever met to babysit so he can stay home. ugh.

  6. Good luck! We took our 17 month old daughter to Florida this past weekend and I was dreading the plane ride plus we had a 2 hour drive after the plane! But surprisingly she did so well. With lots of singing and snacks she was a champion and barely napped at all. Hopefully the time away will be well worth any fussiness that you face. We got a small etch-a-sketch and it’s been a great toy to have on the go.

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