She Says… Our Favorite Room in the House

When we bought our new house, Benjamin and I joked that the garage was our favorite room. We were dreaming of New England winters with our cars safely and happily tucked away, less shoveling when the snow comes and an easily accessible place to store our bicycles. What we didn’t know is that it would be Owen’s favorite room in the house too! If you had told me when we moved here that we needed to baby proof the garage as much as the other rooms in the house, I would’ve thought you were crazy.

But check out the room that Owen can’t get enough of.


The obsession with mops and brooms (and swiffers) continues. But hey, I’m not going to argue if the kid wants to sweep the garage for me!

As you can hear in the video, he’s also becoming quite the parrot with new words. His vocabulary is growing by the day. “Mop” is a new one, as is “tv” (thanks to all the breathing treatments we’ve been doing to get over pneumonia, he’s gotten to see a few minutes of tv a day — super exciting!). The words are pretty amazing to hear, but I find it really interesting how he mimics intonation as well. He matches my joking, singsong voice when I say “Hows about…” (usually while talking about what he should have to eat) and “Peee-yoooo” to his stinky diaper pail, and he’s starting copying “Hmmm”s when I’m thinking out loud and “La la la”s when I’m singing. I’ve been trying to put together a video of all of the words he says right now, but he’s not big on saying them when I say “Can you say…”, but rather likes to say them on his own. No surprise there.

We’re off to the playground to celebrate the Indian summer weather!


4 responses to “She Says… Our Favorite Room in the House

  1. Faith loves your Owen videos so much. She cries when it’s over until I hit “replay”. Future spouses I tell you 🙂

  2. the garage is our go to place when the baby is cranky. he will play out there happily for hours. [because everything out there is dadda’s and is automatically cool]. tools and mowers oh my!

  3. @Kara, Owen is big into saying “Yeah!” emphatically when I ask him anything now. Last night I asked him, “Are you going to marry Faith when you grow up?”. He said, “YEAH!” without a second thought. I think the deal is sealed.

    @christy, Same here!

  4. Oh gosh–what a fun stage! Love the Faith + Owen connection you guys are working on 😉

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