She Says… Vegas

Maybe we should go to Vegas. Owen really seems to have a knack for beating the odds. And by beating the odds, what I really mean is losing at the odds.

What are the odds that a little person who has only been breathing air for 14 months would get pneumonia TWICE in that time?

But he did.

Our trip to the doc yesterday confirmed that Owen has a patch of pneumonia in one lung (thankfully this was diagnosed without needing ANOTHER chest x-ray, which is Super Mommy’s kryptonite). Not that it would have helped to take him to the doctor any earlier (he was there on Monday and our pedi pronounced his ears clear and sent him home saying he was just under the weather), but now that I’ve heard that pneumonia-like coughing and breathing sound twice in his life, I think I will be better at diagnosing it in the future. Fingers crossed I never have to, but odds are that I will. I don’t know if Owen’s asthmatic tendencies make him more susceptible to getting pneumonia or if it really is just random, but I don’t like this trend. It’s scary.

1. It’s a good think my Super Mommy Sense took him to the doctor yesterday, even though he already went on Monday and was given the all clear. Sometimes Moms just know.

2. Thank goodness for antibiotics and Grammy.

3. Our trip this weekend is still on. The doctor said that flying shouldn’t be an issue and he won’t be contagious once he’s on antibiotics for 24 hours and we started them yesterday afternoon. That said? I’m a little sad about uprooting Owen from his bed and the comforts of home while he’s not feeling 100%. Hopefully he sleeps like the great sleeper he is at home while we are away so he can kick this infection.

4. I dread the anonymous Health Bulletin email that is going to be circulated to the other daycare parents that says “A child in the infant room has been diagnosed with pneumonia.” Not only is that terrifying to the other parents who haven’t had to deal with a child who gets crazy scary illnesses like mine, but it makes me feel guilty right down to the pit of my stomach. Even though there was no way I could have known that’s how what began as a little cold was going to play out. It is the second, if not third, health bulletin we have instigated (remember the Roseola?) since Owen started there in June. Thankfully they don’t put the child’s name or parent would forbid their children to be friends with Owen!

Ah, pneumonia. I hate you.

On the bright side, aside from not napping well, Owen is happy as a little clam, and has been taking his medicine and breathing treatments like a champ.

Have you ever been the cause of health alerts? Do you feel guilty when your kid is sick and plays with another kid? What’s the scariest illness your kid has ever had?


12 responses to “She Says… Vegas

  1. so sorry you guys are going through this again! I hope the antibiotics and some rest kick the infection quickly.

  2. Owen is totally “that kid” at daycare. It could be worse though, think about lice! Now that trumps everything in the heebie jeebie department.

    I’m glad you listened to your inner mommy voice. I swear the first time my kid gets sick, I’m going to have to email you for advice.

  3. Poor Owen! Hope he feels better soon. A quick trip to Mohegan Sun or Foxwoods might not be a bad investment 😉

  4. Aww poor Owen! I’m so sorry you guys have to go through this again. Fingers crossed that he licks this ASAP!
    And go inner mommy voice!

  5. Wow, you have a really sick kid.

  6. Oh my goodness, you should not feel guilty at all! It happens!! Just wait a couple of years Owen’s sicknesses will greatly decrease. I went through the same thing with my son in daycare. Now he is 3 and hardly ever gets sick even when kids around him are sick. You’re paying now to be in the clear later!

  7. Poor little guy, but he’s always such a trooper!

  8. When I read your posts about Owens health is like re-living my oldest son first years; I know how difficult it is. I remember my son could not get just a simple cold, it would always somehow turn into something more serious, just like Owen. For us what made a huge difference is when we took him to a Pulmonologist, it was seriously night and day after my son started the treatment with the lung specialist. For us the pulmonologist was the key between him always being sick and thankfully now he is always healthy.

  9. Poor little guy! (And poor mama!) Hope he’s feeling better soon.

  10. @Vivi, That is really interesting! I will definitely give our pedi a call and see if he suggests a visit to the pulmonologist. I would be very curious about any treatment that could help give his little immune system a break. Thank you for the tip!

  11. Pneumonia – check (in 2 kids). Scarlet fever – check (another 2 kids). Lice – yeah, that too. One kid coming down with chicken pox the DAY after his birthday party – check. And on and on and on.

    In fact, yesterday, I took my eldest (adult!) son in to clinic with lung infection. I had already “diagnosed” a lung infection and “prescribed” antibiotics and a puffer but I am not a “real doctor” so we had to visit one, who diagnosed and prescribed what Mum already had. Mum had already ruled out pneumonia, having put her ear to his back and listened for the tell tale sounds that doctor had taught her to listen for many years ago. Yeah, after all those years of nursing sick kids, my doctor told me I should try my board exams since he basically just confirmed my diagnoses! Dr. Mom…… comes with the territory, I guess.

    Owen sounds like a clone of my eldest as a child.

  12. Sounds like Owen is one tough kiddo – he may get sick a lot, but it doesn’t seem to get him down! Perhaps he will be the first man to walk this earth who doesn’t turn into a whiny, blubbery mess when sick (or maybe that is just my boys…).

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