She Says… Quintessential

In quintessential New England fashion, we went apple picking this weekend.

We rode the train…

We saw animals…

Owen especially liked the geese. When I told him that geese say “Honk! Honk!”, he started imitating them and hasn’t stopped since. Except when he says it, it sounds a lot less like “Honk” and a lot more like “Kock! Kock!”. Which makes us all giggle for really inappropriate reasons.

We posed for silly pictures…

And we picked apples.

HUGE apples.

And we ate apples. LOTS of apples. (Exhibit A. That’s Owen giving the sign for “More apples, Mama!”. I think he ate his weight in apples that day.)

Does it get any sweeter?

Damn the fact that it was weirdly hot and disgustingly humid. We went anyway, albeit exchanging our jeans and sweaters for shorts and skirts. In our minds it was cool and breezy and felt like fall.

Do you know what did feel like fall? Baking with our bounty of ginormous apples the next day. One apple crisp, a batch of apple cinnamon gluten free pancakes and 2 bowls of apple oatmeal down, an apple dapple cake planned for later this week. I can’t think of much I love more than picking beautiful food off the tree myself and then spending the rest of the day in the kitchen creating.

It’s the simple things.



10 responses to “She Says… Quintessential

  1. Looks like so much fun! If it makes you feel any better… it is still in the 90s here in Florida 🙂

  2. What gorgeous pictures! I love the one of Owen eating the giant apple. SO CUTE!

  3. your pictures are to DIE FOR!!!! love love love! we pick apples and pumpkins and see goats every single day around here but for some reason your experience gave me the [happy] chills. such moments in life; that’s what it’s all about!!

  4. How cute is that picture of Owen with the giant apple? We went picking a couple of weeks ago I made a big batch of apple sauce right away and I just got around to making apple butter this weekend. We also dried a bunch. It’s so hard to not pick too many!

  5. I love the photos! We went apple picking this weekend too. I haven’t uploaded the photos yet. But our little girl loved the apples too! So sweet!
    Apple dapple cake? Why have I have never heard of this? Sounds delicious based on the fun name alone. 🙂

  6. Adorable!!! Recipes please! Especially if you make something Owen-friendly (and parent friendly) that is gluten-free.

  7. What an amazing day! I just love the pics of Owen eating the apples!

  8. I love Owen’s apple eating face!! Faith does the same thing, except in her case the apple in question is a stolen one from Giant that she snagged while I was trying to shop 🙂

  9. What a sweet post. That pic of owen taking a bite of a huge apple is amazing.

  10. Precious!!!!! It’s apple picking time here in the valley too and I’m really hoping we get there one of these weekends. Then there’s the pumpkins – oh the pumpkins! There’s something so perfect about apple and pumpkin picking and toddlers!

    He is (still) absolutely adorable Kate! I could just smoosh his cheeks!

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