She Says… A Janitor in the Making

Owen has been obsessed with pushing things ever since he learned how to cruise on 2 feet rather than hands and knees. He is a mover. His favorite “game” is just carrying things around the house. Especially big, heavy things. He’ll push, pull, turn around, scoot, flip over, anything he needs to do to MOVE that object.

At daycare his teachers write a little note about what he did during the day. It’s almost ALWAYS something like, “Owen really enjoyed pushing _____ around the ____.” His favorite things are a toy shopping cart on the playground and a toy vacuum cleaner in his classroom.

A tiny janitor in the making!

Over the weekend he started banging on the cleaning closet door and wanting to see what is inside. He’s simultaneously intrigued and terrified by the real vacuum cleaner. He just stands and gestures to it with his arm. I don’t really want him flinging a heavy, metal vacuum around the house, so I offered him the swiffer instead.

A new game was born.

Thank goodness there was a swiffer pad on there — Owen swiffered our entire floor several times! We’ll have the cleanest floors in the neighborhood soon πŸ™‚ Honestly, it kept him occupied for at least 30 minutes at a time. He wouldn’t put it down, even when he was playing with another toy, and he cried when I put it back in the closet.

My fingers are crossed that this obsession with cleaning continues throughout his life! (If he’s anything like his father, I’m certain it will.)


18 responses to “She Says… A Janitor in the Making

  1. Owen is so cute!

    When my husband was about 2 or 3 he was OBSESSED with sweeping his grandfather’s house. We have videotape of his mom asking him what he wants to be when he grows up (while he’s sweeping) and he said a JANITOR! He is now an attorney but he IS very clean and loves cleaning. Hopefully Owen will be the same!

  2. Best obsession ever πŸ™‚ You’ve got yourself a free cleaning service!

  3. Oh eh is just adorable! Being on the cleaning train is a good one to be on for sure!
    And can I just say I love the colors in your house. Only got to see a peek of the living room? there but love love love!

  4. **Grr. . . meant to write “Oh HE is just adorable!” Stupid cold fingers. 😦

  5. I hope you’ve contacted Proctor & Gamble about Swiffer sponsoring your blog. Also – can you keep the Swiffer as a reward? If you’re good…. very good… maybe we’ll let you Swiffer for a few minutes.
    Can you put something behind it, and practice curling? Future Olympian? Can you put some shredded paper in front of it, and have him practice for clearing snow off the front paths later this winter?

  6. THE CUTEST! Love. πŸ™‚ Seriously, adorable!

  7. I love his little “hi” as he goes by and his “uh-oh” when he drops the handle. Adorable! Wish my kids would be interested in cleaning!

  8. So cute! Eli’s favorite toys are by far the broom and the vacuum cleaner. He gets SO excited when we vacuum the house… does a little dance and everything!

  9. Man, he’s cute! I like to see baby labor. πŸ™‚ I’ve trained mine to put her dishes in the sink which is a total perk of having a tall baby!

  10. After he’s done, would you ask him if he’d mind to come clean my kitchen :)??? Everly takes her diaper wipes and cleans all my surfaces (and my arms/legs if I’m really tired and in the floor with her). ❀ He's a doll as usual.

  11. I just want to say that I love the way you talk to Owen. So encouraging.

  12. What a perfect kid! Hah. Our niece runs frantically around her house looking for any paper and dust there might be on the floor and puts it all in the trash. We may need to start training Hannah now that she’s crawling. πŸ˜‰

  13. must go buy a swiffer ASAP! πŸ™‚

  14. Wow, teach him to dust and you’ll have your own personal cleaning service! Hope the novelty doesn’t wear off of that game!

  15. My eldest son’s favourite “toy” was the vacuum cleaner. He is grown now and OBSESSED with keeping his house clean. Ditto number 2. Number 3 was the opposite until he got his own house – about a month ago – now, it appears, they have ALL inherited my OCD re cleaning.

    I suppose there are worse things ………………….

  16. Awww little [not so] baby Owen waddling around! I still remember the post when he took his first steps. PS NICE house, Kate!!

  17. So cute! And, the bar stools look AWESOME!

  18. So cute. Did you know that you can take out links of the swiffer making it more ergonomic for him? Becca loves her bitty swiffer which is the handle and the base and taking out the two between. We actually need to get ANOTHER so they can both “swiff” at the same time. Love this stage!

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