She Says… Vocabulary

I found someone to chaperone my work dinner in my place and raced home from work yesterday just in time to see Owen before bed. He ran over to me and started babbling immediately. I was only gone for 2 days, but I heard at least 3 new words in his vocabulary. He wasn’t saying them all for the appropriate reasons, but I think he was just practicing the new words he learned that day at daycare.

While hearing his little voice sound out new words is one of the most awesome experiences ever, I found myself wanting to yell, “STOP!”. Stop learning new words. Stop growing up. Stop changing so much when I am gone for just two days. I want you to stay in this precious toddler phase forever.

I know, I know, you’ve heard me say it before. And I’m going to have to get over it.

Now, at 13 1/2 months, Owen says:

– Dada/Daddy
– Doggie (and recently “Puppy”, which he picked up from daycare, but I’m not sure he’s put it together that it means the same thing as “Doggie”)
– Dirty (he repeats it when I say it, but it sounds a lot like “Doggie” & “Daddy”)
– Down (“DOW”)
– Bubbles (“BUH beej”)
– Baby
– No
– Up (often just a whispered “p” sound)

“Baby” is a new one from the last few days. I haven’t heard him say it while looking at an actual baby or a picture of a baby or a doll, he was just repeating it after learning it at daycare.

“No” is also new since I got home. I couldn’t stop giggling when I heard him say it. He says it like a little Frenchman. “Noh!”. He repeats it when we say it and then stops what he’s doing (at least for now), so perhaps him learning the word is indicative of him internalizing what it means. Let’s hope so 🙂 Maybe we’re totally doomed if he already knows the word “No”. I was hoping that wouldn’t be part of his vocabulary for awhile longer!

And, joy of joys, I’ve even heard a lot more “Mmmmaaaahhhh”s and “Mumumumum”s recently. I think we’re on the verge of Mama.

So being away is sad. Being away when he’s learning so much every day is even sadder. Believe me, I realize how lucky I am that I don’t have to go away very often, and I know that so many people have to do it so much more than I do. But I’m sure that doesn’t make it any easier.

Did you miss any of your baby’s milestones? Which ones?

What words were you really excited about your baby saying? When did he/she say them?



5 responses to “She Says… Vocabulary

  1. My kid doesn’t say shit yet, unless you could “Hey!” and “Yeah”. We still have a fairly concrete communication method though involving dirty looks and pointing and screaming.

    I’m glad Owen is acting more civilized.

  2. Did you miss any of your baby’s milestones? Yes. Which ones?

    I missed him crawl for the first time. I was at work & he was at the sitters(paternal Grandparents). Howerver, I did get to see him crawl much later that evening-after work. It was So stinkin’ cute! I get it though. My eyes welled up with a few tears as my husband called to tell me at work right when it happened.

    What words were you really excited about your baby saying? When did he/she say them?
    I love you(I think in last 6-9mos) & Mom/Momma/Mommy-? I have it written down somewhere. He almost 39 mos. and he’s getting speech svcs. now.

    It’s funny, because when they(like Owen) get a little older and start talking more & using more words/nouns it seems like for almost every question you ask them, the word is going to be, “NO!”. It’s quite comical ,actually!
    Cherish the age & take note of the things he says for his & your memories!

  3. I missed Ethan’s first steps. And it was on my birthday. And I had been home ALL DAY with him and had only left for a two hour rehearsal! I was heartbroken. But when I think about all of the milestones I HAVE been there for, that one doesn’t seem like such a big deal! Like you, I was SO excited when he finally said “Mama.” And the first time he gave me an unprompted “I love you, Mommy,” I melted into a puddle of mommy goo.

  4. “hod me mama, hod me” = hold me mama, hold me. “i lu you” = I love you we have so many cute little video snipets of my first born learning to talk – in the sweetest voice ever – they warm my heart just to replay them. with the twins – i find myself balancing the want of hearing their sweet voices with the need for them to take it slowly because they could be the last babies we have (So selfish)!! enjoy!! by the way, your party pictures are perfect in every way 🙂

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