She Says… What’s That?

What’s that you say? Oh. I didn’t blog yesterday? Hmm. I guess you’re right. The day got away from me. Nay, the day barreled away from me like a runaway train.

Work is out of control prepping for my big training next week. After a day answering emails and putting out fires like a madwoman, I ran (literally… ran) to catch the last train that would get me home in time to pick up Owen. Caught it just in time to dial-in to a conference call on the ride home that I was disconnected from twice by going through areas with no cell service. I rushed Schnitzel outside to pee when I got home and raced to the grocery store for the food I needed to start cooking for Owen’s party this weekend (all the while changing up the menu so that I have LESS to cook). Got what I needed at the store and sped through the pouring rain over to daycare to pick up Owen. Got there later than normal, but he was happily banging on a toy when I arrived.

I picked him up and felt some wetness. I figured, “Full diaper. No big deal. I’ll change him at home”. (We only live about a 3-5 minute drive from daycare). So I picked him up and gathered his things and headed out to the car. And then I smelled it. That was NOT pee.

Needless to say, we had our first poopsplosion in who knows how long. Probably since Owen was 7 months old. He was grinning like the Cheshire Cat, though. The kid couldn’t care less what’s on his butt! We shimmied back inside and I stripped him down, changed his diaper, and wiped my coat (thankfully a raincoat!) with a baby wipe. On our way again.

Owen didn’t want any of his food for dinner. I offered him cucumber, zucchini, peaches, cooked beans and, finally, a sunflower seed butter sandwich (generally one of his faves). He just kept turning his head and smooshing things in his hair (the new “throwing things on the floor”). Maybe something was up with his stomach.

Before we barely had time to play together, it was bedtime. Bath/milk/book/bed. Owen asleep. Benjamin got home, the two of us had dinner and then put up some of the decorations I made for the party. Phew. After doing dishes and making Owen’s food for daycare today (he’s usually home with Daddy on Fridays, but Benjamin’s work is crazy this week too, so we added an extra day at daycare), it was 11:00pm. Exhausted.

All of that to say… stay tuned. We’ll be back once the craziness is over.

What We’re Eating:

Grilled chicken sausages (fresh from Whole Foods), steamed broccoli and portobello, broccoli & red pepper melts. These grown-up grilled cheese sandwiches were AWESOME. They definitely went on the “make for company” list. We didn’t even really need the sausages — they were totally a main dish! Owen had leftover broccoli and sausage for lunches this week.

Coconut chicken fingers with apricot dipping sauce, corn on the cob, and mixed frozen veggies. Gluten free, too, so Owen could have leftovers.


6 responses to “She Says… What’s That?

  1. Just a thought about the loose poopsplosion – it could very well have been from the molars cutting through. Molars, especially, are known for giving babies the runs. Seth had it for 3 days 2 weeks ago and made his toosh so raw it was bleeding 😦 It was 3 days after that that I discovered his molar cutting through and it all made sense.
    Hope it’s just the tooth and not some yucky virus!!

  2. @Christina, Great point. I’m thinking (hoping?) that’s what it is. Owen has had diarrhea previously when some of his other teeth were coming in, and I know that his teeth have been bothering him, so I’m hoping this means they are on their way. Teething really messes with the entire body!

  3. Hope Owen’s feeling OK but it sounds like teething with the poop issue and the not wanting to eat. Hopefully it will be water under the bridge soon!
    Have a great birthday party!

  4. Happy Friday! Good luck with the party–hopefully Owen isn’t coming down with something, but it does sound like teething.

  5. Sounds like he’s cutting a tooth to me. Fun times for you 🙂

  6. Ugh! I feel the teething pain. I don’t remember the last pooplosion we had and now 2 on one weekend???? Did owen get a rash while teething? My bean seems to have a slight one…wondering if that. Is related or if I should be running her back to the doc?!

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