She Says… Dim Sum

Benjamin home.
Holiday weekend.
Family time.

Just what we needed! Despite a LOT of a little extra whining due to those darn molars coming in, we had a very nice long weekend. Every weekend is kind of a long weekend since I don’t work on Mondays and stay home with Owen, but this one felt even better because Benjamin did not work on Monday either. It felt just like another lazy Sunday! You know, the usual, getting up at 5am to a teething baby… just like any other lazy Sunday…

To celebrate our extra weekend day, we went out to dim sum (Chinese food that is served in individual portions – kind of like tapas – and served off of carts that are wheeled around the restaurant) with some friends who have an almost 2 year old.

The meal got a little long for our wriggly toddler, so we took lots of walks around the dining room to look at the live lobsters in tanks and smack the windows. I think we’re past the days of enjoying leisurely meals out in public until Owen learns a little more patience!

The good news — this restaurant was LOUD and CROWDED so no one could hear Owen testing out how loudly he could scream at the table (which he thought was hilarious). And the servers were all obsessed with babies and would come over and entertain him for a few minutes while pushing their carts. I couldn’t understand a word they were saying, but they sure loved Owen! Babies transcend language.

But a glass of ice water, we found, offers at least 10 minutes of entertainment.

When Owen was born last summer I remember feeling like our friends’ son, Sam, was SO much older than he was at the time. Worlds different. It felt like it would be years before they would ever be on a similar playing field. Now? Now, just a year later, they are both running and climbing and babbling and eating and being totally adorable.

Sam talks a lot more (obviously… he has almost a year of practice on Owen), but they were quite the pair chasing pigeons together in Boston Common after our Chinatown brunch.

Little buddies.

Twinsies! Except my friend Erin is (adorably!) pregnant. I am not. Despite that dim sum belly on the right 🙂 Apparently blue dresses were the look du jour.

It’s SO nice to have friends who you can trade babies and share strollers with.

Also, please note, I’m finally sharing pictures of my still-kind-of-awkward-Mom-‘do. It’s fine. I’m living with it. Some days I like it, some days I’m not a fan. As I said, I’ve learned from doing this too many times to count that it will grow back!

Finally, back at the farm, I spent a little time doing this:

I finished up all of the garlands for the party. Today it’s checklist day — making sure we have a plan to prep for Owen’s birthday party little by little so there’s no stress on Saturday. Oh, right, and get a LOT of work done too. It’s gonna be a long one, folks!

What did you do for Labor Day? Do holidays feel more like days off, or another work day to you when you have a child to take care of?


13 responses to “She Says… Dim Sum

  1. What great pictures! I love your dress. 🙂 Also, I adore dim sum. Can Owen eat dumplings, or do those have gluten?

    Faith gets waitstaff to entertain her too, as well as random people nearby. Good thing she’s cute because she sure can be embarrassing to take out in public! 🙂

  2. I have the same dress! So comfy…I adore it on hot summer days!

  3. Your hair looks gorgeous! I know you think it’s too short, but it really is a gorgeous cut on you!

  4. How funny that you guys were all dressed alike, with the boys in green and girls in blue! I think your hair cut is super cute!

  5. I love your hair! Has it grown out enough now that you’re getting used to it? The little guys are very cute in all these pics 🙂

  6. Before you even commented on your hair, I was thinking how much I LOVE it! And how jealous I am of the amazing pictures you seem to post at least every week. I have camera envy. Great pictures of you + friend + boys. You sure that wasn’t planned ? 🙂

  7. @Kara, Though Chinese food uses a lot of rice, it also uses a lot of other ingredients like soy sauce that usually aren’t gluten free, unfortunately. I gave Owen tastes of lots of the stuff inside the buns and dumplings, but stopped when we noticed a red rash starting on his cheek. Probably something in one of the sauces. Also, since we didn’t understand much of what the servers said, it was hard to tell if what we were eating included shellfish (a lot of the dishes did), which my doc advised us to wait on, given Owen’s food allergies so far. So he ate mostly food smuggled in from home. But he was much more into throwing ice cubes on the floor than eating anything at all.

    @sam, Old Navy knows their sundresses 🙂

    @RhodeyGirl, @Sarah and @Gina, Thank you! I’m hoping it grows on me.

    @Janelle, Ha! Thanks. I know, I have my lovely photographer (oops, I mean HUSBAND) to thank for the awesome photos. No, the outfits were not planned. Which made it even more fun. Even the boys were dressed alike!

  8. I like your new hair cut…very flattering!

  9. I was just thinking I should print a picture of your hair and take it to the stylist! I love it!

  10. Sorry but your hair looks fab! I think you could even go for a shorter more pixieish cut. You’ve got the perfect face for it!

  11. I love your dress! And I really like the haircut. I wish I could wear my hair short. Too bad it is so curly. 😦
    And Owen looks adorable as always!

  12. I love your hairstyle. I love the windswept look on the second to last photo 🙂 I’ve been reading your blog for more than a year now – thank you for very fun, informative, useful content! And Owen is a cutie…

  13. Looks like a lot of fun! Cute pics. I think i’ve been to that same dim sum place in Boston- what is it called? I’d like to go back but it’s been awhile.

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