She Says… Thar She Blows

If you haven’t heard, there’s a hurricane a’comin’.

I am one of those invincible types who has rolled my eyes at all of the apocolyptic hurricane warnings. Generally the media and the general public TOTALLY freak out for no reason (hello, snowstorms), and I prefer to laugh at them than get caught up in the hullabaloo. Boston is not New Orleans, people.

Until I saw this map:

“Extreme” Threat Level. Major flooding expected. State of Emergency already declared. Evacuation routes planned. Shelters stocked. In my town.

That sounds serious.

Generally I love storms. I love to see the sheets of rain and hear the cracks of thunder so loud they stop your heart for a second. I am amazed by the flashes of lightning across the sky and get a little bit of a rush from the wind whipping around the house. You know, when I can snuggle in my couch under a blanket and watch movies… probably not so much if I am fearing for my safety and wondering if I should grab Owen out of his bed and run to the basement to take cover.

Now I feel like I should at least get a little bit prepared, in case even some of these predictions are true. Thankfully our new house is in a walkable area where we could most likely get “stuff” if we were desperate, it’s not in a particularly low area and there aren’t any huge trees close to the house. We have a finished basement we can hide in that has a history of staying totally dry (I think we might be putting that to the test!). We’re practically walking distance from our town’s emergency shelter (ummm, not that I Googled that or anything).

I was at the grocery store last night and I came home and said to Benjamin, “Man, Friday must be the day that they restock the shelves at that store, because many of them were BARE!”. Uh, duh. More like crazy smart prepared people had already gone and gotten their water and milk and bread and canned foods and ramen. And here I was buying more produce than my ‘fridge can hold, totally not thinking about the fact that I may not have power next week. My laid back attitude has me a little worried now.

No matter how serious this turns out to be, we should probably take some precautions like getting an emergency kit prepared. And have some water on hand. We’ll be filling up jugs and empty milk cartons and bathtubs on Saturday, since you and I both know that the grocery stores have already been picked clean. We should probably find our flashlights and could probably use some more batteries, but for once I am thankful that Benjamin needs so many batteries for his video work because we have an overabundance of “half-used” ones sitting in ziplocs in our closet. We do NOT have a phone that is not cordless. But I’m also not going to run out and buy a rotary phone. We have diapers, but if the power goes out and we can’t open the ‘fridge, Owen is not going to be able to drink his milk. Which could be a problem. So probably I should stop somewhere and pick up some formula.

It feels a little bit more important to be prepared when there’s a tiny person in the house who can’t prepare for himself.

This website advises that you stock up on ramen and beer. Now that’s a hurricane diet I could get behind. What are you stocking up on for the storm? Do you think it will actually be a big deal by the time it gets to New York/Boston?

Stay safe, my friends!


8 responses to “She Says… Thar She Blows

  1. I have a lot of Luna bars, including the kid version. What? They’re totally nutritious. 🙂

    I’m waffling between laid-back and totally freaked. Mostly freaked about the enormous oak trees in our yard. We’ve got some water, some non-perishable food. I suspect the most likely risk is water in the basement and losing power. Shit. Just realized the sump pump requires electricity. Hrmph.

    Maybe I should move back to Chicago. Close enough to the lake that we never got tornadoes, but none of this earthquake/hurricane crap.

  2. I’m from southwest Florida (read: hurricane preparedness starts every May regardless of any impending storms). We learned from Charley in 2004 that hurricanes are unpredictable, even though you know they are coming. Areas are STILL being rebuilt after that one!

    I would definitely be prepared to be without power for several days. If power goes out in your area, and if the storm is anywhere near a Cat 3 when it hits your area, it will be difficult to walk anywhere… including the stores that will also be out of power & the emergency shelter. Stock up on water & canned goods, diapers, formula, batteries. Stock up on baby wipes… they are great to have around for ‘washing.’

    At the end of every hurricane season, Hubby & I go through our supplies & save what we can for next year. Whatever we don’t think we are going to use/eat, we donate to a local food bank.

    Best of luck!

  3. I hope it isn’t as bad as they are posturing … and am thinking of all my east coast friends and family. I think the loss of power is probably going to be a given no matter how bad the storms get … it seems inevitable when there is a huge storm, let alone a hurricane as big as this one is expected to be. I just hope people listen and evacuate areas where it’s recommended .. we should have learned something from Katrina but I just saw some moron on the news in NC who wasn’t going anywhere and I had to think, ‘you’re an idiot … and you’re putting rescue workers at risk with your stupidity”. GR. Anyway, be safe and good idea being prepared. I used to laugh at this kind of hype too … but since Katrina, I’ve changed my mind. Well, and especially since becoming a mom.

  4. I’m usually the same way as you, but now that I’ve seen some of the warnings today I’m starting to get a bit nervous. we lived in FL for 3 years and never dealt with a hurricane and now we get to in NY, go figure.

  5. On one hand, I’m freaked about the storm. On the other, I’m still running 14 miles outside tomorrow morning, Irene be damned. 🙂

    Let’s hope this storm just blows out to sea and we can laugh about this on Monday!

  6. good luck!! sometimes i like living in ohio! hurricanes seem to be some of the scariest natural disasters just because you have so long to worry about what may or may not happen.

  7. I’m with thebakerbee, you just never know. Camping laterns are good, they put out a lot of light, IF you have batteries. Fill you cars with gas and get cash. People forget about that last one – debit and credit cards are no good if power is out!

  8. I forced Bruce to pick up water and he’s out cleaning out gutters right now to prevent flooding. We’re stocked up on food and we need to fill the bathtub with water in case we lose power. I cancelled church when the governor declared the state of emergency – now we just wait!

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