She Says… Shortcut

Remember these bookshelves that Benjamin and I made in our old house for Owen’s nursery?

It was a relatively quick and easy DIY project, but we still had to cut each piece of wood specifically for the weird wall nook we were trying to retrofit. And attach the pieces together. And paint them. And figure out a way to get them on the wall that didn’t show ugly screw heads.

As we were running out of Ikea a few weeks ago (yes, literally running… Owen was hungry and tired and Benjamin was hungry and tired and I was, well, hungry and tired, and we had a 1st birthday party to get to) I spotted something that stopped me in my tracks.

A picture ledge. EXACTLY like the one that we had built.


For $9.99.

So I snagged a few and kept right on running. Look at how perfectly they work as baby bookshelves!

Apparently they come in multiple lengths, so I didn’t need to get three and make Benjamin all frustrated by asking him to hang them perfectly straight so the edges matched up (which, as you can see, never really worked out right so we ended up spacing them out across the wall so you can’t see the imperfect edges). But what can I say? We were in a rush. I grabbed what I grabbed.

They are perfect in Owen’s playroom. All of his books are off the floor (the ones we like to read at naptimes are in a shelf in his nursery; these are the “playtime” books), and, as a bonus, the shelves match our picture frames in that room perfectly because they are also “Ribba” from Ikea.

So now I don’t have to write a post about how to build those bookshelves from Owen’s old nursery. Because the answer is, “Get your butt to Ikea and buy some for under $10”. Easy.


What We’re Eating: Not much inspiration today, sorry folks. Last night’s dinner was embarrassing. I stood in front of the ‘fridge and picked out what I could. Slim pickin’s, though, since it’s been awhile since we went to the store and Benjamin was still out of town. I think I had a leftover sausage or two, some bread with leftover white bean spread made from baby food, leftover asparagus and some cucumber spears. Lame. Since there were no good dinner leftovers, Owen ate a sunflower seed butter sandwich (his FAVE), broccoli “trees” and cucumber bites (sans skin, because it’s still a bit hard for him to chew… I find the rinds tucked in his cheeks while I’m brushing his teeth!), and strawberries for lunch. I’m defrosting a frozen hamburger I made a week or two ago and roasting up a sweet potato to have with a Dr. Praeger’s spinach pancake for his dinner tonight.

Apparently I need to go to the store tonight because Daddy’s coming home and Owen needs food for tomorrow.


6 responses to “She Says… Shortcut

  1. I’m impressed you brush his teeth! You are a better mom than me! BTW – what is the paint color on the wall in Owen’s playroom? It’s great and we are looking for something to replace the green we have in most of the first floor. Any other paint color suggestions are great! You are so good at that!!!

  2. Oh, I LOVE this! Not going to happen in our current space, but I’m totally putting this on pinterest for the eventual move…

  3. Thanks for the IKEA tip! When we moved to our current house, my younger son was 9 months old so we never really did a cute nursery for him, but now that we’re getting ready for the next baby, I’m looking for ideas. Those shelves are great.

  4. we have that “Smile” book at Wesley LOVES it – the giggles he gets when looking at the other baby’s faces is priceless.

  5. Uh, I’m super jealous that you can have books OUT in the playroom. I had to put them all away because she won’t stop eating them. She has 3 books (the cardboard kind) that I decided I didn’t care about, but the rest are hidden. My kid is still acting like a hungry hamster.

  6. @amers14, The paint color on the wall is Benjamin Moore HC-87, Ashley Gray. It was here when we moved in, and I love it. The paint chip looks totally brown, but on the walls it reads a much gray-er color.

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