She Says… Thanks, Sorry and Dinner


Thank you all so much for your thoughtful responses to yesterday’s post about postpartum birth control. You gave me some great things to think about.

For those who are interested, I am still on the fence about an IUD because of the things I listed (many of which were confirmed by commenters!). I’m still totally against the pill because of hormones and messing with my body’s natural cycles. It seems like I would be a perfect match for FAM (I’ve read TCOYF twice and temped for several cycles while I was working with a fertility specialist to get pregnant with Owen), except that while that may keep me from actually getting pregnant, it won’t keep me from worrying that I am pregnant because I would constantly be wondering if I messed up. Having unprotected sex for most of the month (the unfertile days) makes sense in theory, but accidents happen. Also, I have a 1 year old who gets me up at odd hours of the night sometimes, and I like to have a few drinks. Both of which messes up the tracking. Also, I don’t necessarily trust my body yet to be reliable enough for this method. So… that leaves me with condoms or a diaphragm. Or abstinence.

The most important lesson I learned from hearing all of your stories is that no matter WHAT option I choose, there is going to be a chance that I get pregnant anyway. Case in point: someone whose husband even got a vasectomy was worried she was pregnant! No method is 100% reliable except abstinence (this message brought to you by my 7th grade health class). But we’re not going there. So one way or another, we’re going to have to roll the dice.

That said, I have reached the point that I actually think about having and WANTING another baby. I think we want 3 years between Owen and his future brother or sister (and maybe other brothers/sisters beyond that), so we’re not quite there yet. But I have started to imagine what life will be like with two little munchkins, and I kind of like what I’m seeing. When Owen was first born I remember wondering if I would ever have room in my heart for another baby. If I could ever get to the point where I was ready to share him, and myself, with someone else in that way. Little by little, that answer is becoming yes.

Don’t get too excited. Not QUITE yet.


Sorry for not putting a disclaimer on yesterday’s post like “If you don’t want to read about my sex life, STOP READING NOW.” Apparently there are some people (ahem, Owen’s grandparents) who come here to read about what cute thing Owen is doing these days, and yesterday they got slammed with some info they probably wish they’d never read. Ooops. Disclaimer next time. Promise.


You can tell a lot about someone by the blogs they read. My first foray into blog reading was with healthy living blogs. I was working on getting into the best shape of my life, knowing that I was going to try to get pregnant, and I was looking for some inspiration for healthy recipes, workout ideas, etc. When I was trying to conceive (TTC), my blogroll was filled with others trying to conceive. Slowly some of the TTC blogs turned to Mom Blogs, and the demographics of my Google Reader changed again. I expanded into nursery design blogs to get ideas for Owen’s room. Since we bought the house I’ve added even more design blogs. And now I feel like I’ve come full circle and I’ve started adding food blogs back into my repertoire.

I love the inspiration. I see something on a food blog, and whether I save the exact recipe or not, the ideas, the flavors, the pictures are etched into my brain. When I’m at the grocery store I dig into the recesses of my memory. Someone posted a quinoa salad. What did it have in it? What about if I went with beans… I think I’ve seen one with black beans and peppers and mmmm cilantro and maybe some fresh lime juice, yes, I can just wing it from here… And then all of a sudden I have dinner.

So I have an idea. I’m thinking of posting my dinner ideas for those who need a little inspiration. I can’t promise new, original recipes or fancy dancy pictures (because, let’s be honest, I’m doing about the most I can do just to get a single blog post out every day!). But maybe at the end of each post, I can write what we had for dinner last night or something. I’ll link to recipes if I used one.

Would you be into that? Or should I leave the food blogging to the food bloggers?


13 responses to “She Says… Thanks, Sorry and Dinner

  1. I’m always up for dinner inspiration! I think it would be neat if you also added Owen’s dinner. Is he eating what you guys are having now? Or do you still fix something different for him?

  2. Yes to dinner! As a working out of the home mom, I’m constantly struggling trying to get into a good rhythm for spending my evening hours at home. Last night dinner I wasn’t able to start cooking dinner for my husband and I until after 8:00 p.m. That doesn’t really work for us. I would love to cook meals that my Owen could eat too, but he’s always hungry between 5:30 and 6 p.m., so there is no way I can dinner ready for him by then….unless I’m cooking something in a crock pot. But that requires planning, which I’m bad at!

  3. Yes! Add food please! (Especially the really simple and quick recipes!) I’d love to see your links to design also. I follow you on pinterest, but I read your blog more often than I’m on pinterest.

  4. Yes, to dinner! Some of my favorite blogs are the ones that have “real” meals in them, made by real, working people that take an idea and roll with it based on whatever is in their house. I have a feeling you’d fit into that category, would love to see what you guys eat on your busy schedules!

  5. Dinner ideas are good, especially since I assume you won’t post things that take hours to make. Bonus points if it can be made while the baby is awake. 🙂

  6. I think dinner ideas are a fabulous addition! I have followed fertility, food and design blogs too, mix it in…it will be fun for your readers!

  7. I’d love to see your dinner ideas. I am trying to figure out how to incorporate more mommy things into my food blog, so…it’s a common quandry 🙂

    Also, I totally think you should go with abstinence as your BC method.

  8. Yes, please on the dinner recipes! I was actually going to ask you to share some of your yummy recipes. I drool when I look at some of the pictures you post on Twitter of your meals. I’m on a mission to get my family (especially my husband) eating more healthfully. With a 19 month old and a new little one on the way in February, there is no better time than ever. I guess that was a semi-long winded answer to your question. But, YES, please inspire me!!

  9. Thanks, ladies! I’ll see what I can come up with 🙂

  10. LOL about the disclaimer 😉 I say go for it–post whatever you want! I completely shifted my blog from it’s original purpose as it (and I) evolved and my readers said to me what I’m going to tell you: “we read because we care about YOU and what YOU have to say …” So whether it’s about Benjamin, Owen, Schnitzel, a workout, a bar stool, work … (or in my case, recovery, food/exercise addiction, body image, pregnancy, new baby, marriage, work, etc) we’re invested in the blogger and that sort of outweighs the content. (Of course, that makes sense for long-standing bloggers with a following like you — not a newbie!)

    Would love to see your dinners!!

  11. Jennifer Eckstein Coon


  12. YES!!! give the recipes!!! or course, only the easy/healthy ones!

  13. Do you read Peas and Thank You ( – she does a great job combining her “mommy blog” with a food blog. She is more focused on food, but also frequently posts just stories about her kids. I could see your blog morphing into something like this…I tried to do both when I first started blogging, but found putting up recipes to be entirely too time consuming, so now I just focus on making the food – and blogging about my kids and their stories.

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