She Says… This, But Not That

I was so proud of myself. Last weekend I upholstered some barstools in a cute fabric to go around our kitchen island. I was proud because, not only does the upholstery job look great, but I remembered to take pictures of the whole process for the blog!

We have been living here for 2 months without barstools because I was obsessed with finding this chair that was in my head but apparently not in any stores or online. FINALLY I found something that I liked, but the upholstery on the seat was a boring dark brown pleather. After a little investigating to make sure I could handle the project, I decided to upholster them myself in a cute fabric to bring some color into our kitchen. The project was even easier than I expected, which is good, because I can guarantee that as Owen’s dirty little fingers touch them and drop food on them over and over again, we may need to re-upholster them pretty regularly.

But now for the “this, but not that” part.

I can tell you about the project, but I can’t show you. Do you know why? A certain someone who shall remain nameless deleted the pictures from our memory card before they could be uploaded.


Here is the “after” picture. Just imagine the chairs with a shiny, brown seat the color of horse manure. They look better now, I promise.

As payback for deleting my blog post pictures, I will let you, my lovely readers, in on an embarrassing little secret about Benjamin. He has become a total “Dad”. Does anyone watch Modern Family? We just started watching the episodes from the beginning on Netflix (because we finished watching the entire collection of Mad Men, which we ADORED, but needed something a bit lighter!). Phil makes me just about die laughing with his “Dad jokes” because they are SO things that would come out of Benjamin’s mouth. While we watch the show and I die laughing, Benjamin is sitting on the couch straight-faced saying, “That is NOT me!”. Sure honey, sure.

Today we were eating smoothies and I said, “We need to get those long, sundae spoons to get to the bottom of the glass.” “But honey”, he said. “It’s Thursday.”

Bah dum ching!

He’s become the kind of guy that when you say, “You got a haircut!”, he replies, “I got all of them cut!”.

Bah dum ching!

He’s here all week, ladies and gents.

And I bet he’ll never delete my photos again.


12 responses to “She Says… This, But Not That

  1. Hehe. He sounds like my husband who’s getting awfully corny. I love the fabric you picked for the chairs–it makes them much more personal looking.

  2. upholstering is an amazing way to update lots of things – also comes in handy if you redecorate or change colors. just need fabric and a staple gun (at least for easier projects). I even upgraded an IKEA bench by adding a piece of foam to the equation so that I could upholster the seat where it was plain wood before.

  3. LOL, nice.

    I’m STILL on the lookout for kitchen stools for our house… I hope to reupholster something like you did. Yours turned out great!

  4. That sounds better than my husband who tries to make as many “that’s what she said!” jokes as possible every day. Also, I keep trying to impart the wisdom of NOT teaching the baby to say “That’s bullshit Mommy!” which is what he is so desperately trying to teach her to say to me. 🙂

  5. I love that fabric on the chairs. Nice job! I’m also enjoying the Ben jokes, the spoon one is too damn funny!

  6. I’m married to a Phil, too. And when we watch Modern Family (one of our faves), he also sits there, deadpan, insisting that he is NOTHING like that. Okaaay….Love the fabric on the chairs!

  7. Benjamin comes by the corny joke thing honestly. Both his dad’s have a library of crappy jokes he’s welcome to.

  8. When we watch Modern Family, Chris always dies laughing when Phil shows because he KNOWS he’s going to be that embarassing, cheesy dad with Meredith is older.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE that pattern. Good job on the chairs!

  9. Lol my husband has always told those jokes. When we go out to eat and the waitress asks if she can get us anything to drink, the answer is “a beverage”. I’m sure we eat more spit than we know lol.

  10. Jennifer Eckstein Coon

    He can’t help it, he’s a male Eckstein. It’s genetic.

  11. Jennifer Eckstein Coon

    Oh, just saw “Benjamin’s Dad’s” post, obviously I concur. But love them all for it.

  12. The stool looks awesome! Great choice! And our friends always give Ben (my Ben) a hard time about being like Phil too! 🙂 Can’t wait for Modern Family to come back this fall. I love t.v. 🙂

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