She Says… Snip Snip!

We did it. We cut Owen’s signature ‘fro locks. Don’t worry, though — we did it to bring the funky BACK, not to tame it. No, there’s no taming this fauxhawk. We trimmed it just a bit to de-mullet and amp up the mohawk-ness.

On Saturday we headed out to this awesome mall near us. I was sure I had seen a kiddie hair place in there somewhere (foreshadowing…). I mean really, this mall has EVERYTHING, so I would’ve bet money on the fact that they had a cool place for kids ‘dos.

I would’ve been wrong.

Since riding in the car with Owen is still a bit of a trial, we try for one nearby outing a day. Multiple ins and outs in the car do NOT end well.

So once we were at the mall, had spent a little time wandering around, then finally looked at the Directory and confirmed our fears that there was no haircut place in the mall, we decided to scrap the haircut plan and go out to lunch instead.

Lucky for us, Owen had a blast anyway!

So the next day we did what smart people do and Googled a kids’ haircut place before heading out. Little did we know we found the jackpot of all kids’ haircut places.

They had adorable seats with seatbelts, tv’s at every station with musical cartoons playing, animal cracker dispensers and balloons and shiny things galore.

And the stylist (do you still call them stylists when their clients are under the age of 8? baby wranglers? entertainers? snippers?) even blew bubbles for him to get him used to the chair and the cape.

Not a single tear was shed… and the ‘hawk is BACK.

In a matter of minutes Owen went from superfine, wispy mullet to old Italian man (see the combover pictures, above) to punk rocker to adorable little boy.


15 responses to “She Says… Snip Snip!

  1. I hear the music to that “jeans-dipers” commercial playing in the background of the pic of him walking by himself, you know the one I’m talking about? super CUTE! 🙂

  2. @Ginger, “I poo… in blue!”. That commercial weirds me out. But now that you mention it, he does have that look about him in that picture 😉

  3. What an awesome salon (is it even called that?)! Owen looks like such a trooper in those photos. I’m so glad it wasn’t too traumatic.

  4. I spy, with my little eye… RICE CHEX!
    Oh, and a totally adorable, walking little boy with a cute new haircut. It’s bittersweet isn’t it? How cute the new ‘do looks, vs, where’d my little baby go?

  5. Love his new do! Super cute little man 🙂
    Totally unrelated..where did you get that white watch? I’ve been looking for a white watch JUST like that forever but can’t find one I like/can afford.

  6. I’m glad the mohawk is back!!!

  7. Can I give my baby a mohawk? I’m betting my husband would say no….

  8. I cut the boys hair myself – and think perhaps I’ll use a few of their tips/tricks. Bubbles? Great idea! I for some reason thought that popsicles would be a good idea last time – FAIL! They got covered in hair and I had to keep washing them off, and everything was sticky and covered in purple (wildberry!) goo. That salon is looking better and better.

  9. He looks so handsome! Rock it, Owen!

  10. Do you mind saying where the shop is? We live in Boston suburb and our little man needs his hair tamed as well 🙂

  11. super cute! still putting off the first haircut around here but my sister says it needs done. not until people mistake him for a girl!! 😉

  12. Oh my gosh, I love the ‘hawk! What a cutie!
    Kate, you look great in red! I was wondering where you got your watch from. I have seen it in several pictures and absolutely love it.

  13. Good lord that boy is cute!!! He rocks the ‘hawk!!!

    Love the watch. 🙂 xoxo

  14. What a cutie, Kate! He is looking more “kid” and less “baby” every day!

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