She Says… Back on Track

I totally rocked getting back on track this week.

– Owen happily went back to daycare. He ate well, napped well, and was generally his happy little self again. Hallelujah.

– His two teeth have cut through the surface of his gums after a little extra whining and only one wake-up in the wee hours of the morning. Nothing a little Ibuprofen and some Mama cuddles couldn’t handle. I’m happy to report that teething DOES get easier as time goes on. Thank goodness. You know, until those molars come in. Oh joy.

– I caught up on all of my work that I ignored during last week when Owen was sick. While generally I’m pretty good at concentrating 150% on EITHER work or Owen (and not trying to mix the two… because that is when I start to feel stressed and pulled in too many directions), last week was a bit hard. I HAD TO do both things at the same time, and taking care of Owen won every time. So work took a back seat. Thankfully I was able to work my butt off this week and get not only back on track, but ahead of my To Do list. Awesomeness.

– I exercised. Recently my plan has been to work out three times a week. This week I got 4 really great workouts in, including strength training, time on the elliptical on the basement, a run and a nice, long bike ride with Benjamin. I’m not expecting I can pull that off every week (it was a challenge!), but it feels really good to kickstart myself back into the routine.

– I made some yummy dinners, and meal planned some other yummy ones for the next few nights. Last night was a totally delicious quinoa salad with mango, peppers, black beans & cilantro topped with grilled chicken with grilled corn on the side (the best I’ve had all summer!). Best part about it? Totally gluten free and enough for leftovers so Owen (and Benjamin) can eat for lunch today. Love that.

– In addition to all of that I was able to spend fun time with Owen. His constant chorus of “Uh oh” (and recently the beginning of “Hiiyyyyeeee”) just about melts me every time. Swoon.

So now it’s just a matter of keeping up this momentum. Some weeks are easier than others, but it’s nice to be motivated by how good I feel when I get it all done.

On tap for this weekend: Getting Owen’s hair cut!!! Sniff, sniff. I trimmed it a few weeks ago and while it looked fine, I think a professional can get the back looking a bit nicer, and maybe take enough off the top to get his fauxhawk back. I know he will look so much older after the cut, so part of me wants to wait, wait, wait. But the bangs are starting to get in his eyes and the back gets tangled at night, even after I comb it. Before and after pics to come on Monday.

What makes you feel accomplished in a week? When did you cut your child’s hair for the first time? Were you sad? There is something strangely emotional about it for the parents.


9 responses to “She Says… Back on Track

  1. Good for you for rocking it this week! It has to feel so good! Eli was sick this week and I thought of you & Owen a few times as I snuggled with my boy & got nothing else done!
    I trimmed Eli’s hair a couple of months ago, but he hasn’t had a real haircut yet. I want him to have long surfer hair, but we might have to get it trimmed soon ’cause right now, it just looks like a mullet. Yikes.

  2. I love your site! I have a 2 year old and also work full time but can’t manage to get nearly as much done as you do! How do you do it while working and commuting? Do you work flexible hours? Share the secret!!

  3. I WISH my kid had enough hair to cut. I swear, at this rate she won’t need a haircut until she’s 16.

    I’m jealous of your meal planning. I cook maybe 2 times a week and the rest is frozen pizza and maybe pasta with pre made meatballs. Yes, my husband is a lucky man.

  4. @Adele, Thank you! Like I said, some weeks are better than others… that’s why I think we all need to celebrate a little when a good week hits 🙂 There is no real secret (except lots of planning so that things are ready ahead of time), but working from home a lot is the biggest thing that helps this happen. Recently I’ve been working from home several days a week and it keeps me happy, healthy, sane and on top of my life. It is a godsend. Not only do I save commuting time (which is when I find time to exercise), but I can also do things like laundry and prepping dinner ingredients.

  5. Wow! You did have quite the week. It feels so good to get so much accomplished. At the rate that Will’s hair is growing he’s going to nee a trim by the time he’s 6 months old! He’s got a few longer hairs in front that reach half way down his forehead already.

  6. Oh, the first haircut…I put it off til Ethan was nearly two years old. He had these beautiful little blond curls and I just couldn’t bear to chop them off! I would trim his bangs and leave it at that. But we did finally do the cut when he was about 21 months old. But even then, it was still a puffy “bowl cut” style, so I really just took baby steps! He didn’t get his first “boy cut” until a few months ago! Clearly, I had a hard time. Good luck to you! It’s not so bad! 🙂

  7. Firstborn son (brunette) came out needing a haircut; secondborn (daughter) came out with a few sparse black hairs. I cut them when she was about 4 or 5 months old and she grew back (very s-l-o-w-l-y) redheaded. First real haircut at three when she finally had enough hair to make it worthwhile. Lastborn (son) was a blond and didn’t need a haircut til he was 2 or 3 as well.

  8. Wow, I think you did more in a week than I’ve managed to do in the past two months – nice work!
    Hair, I wasn’t emotional about. I had to trim Devin’s fringe (bangs?) when he was about 4 months old, and then again a few months later, and AGAIN a few months later, but after THAT particular atrocity (such a terrible haircut, ugh), I vowed only hairdressers from then on. So he’s had two professional, full-head hair cuts since then, and is in need of another. He does look older with short hair, but I’m a huge fan of long hair… I even recently bought a (grey) girls headband to keep the hair out of his eyes – it looks like a little bandana on him, but he hates wearing it, darn it.
    I kept a lock from his first hair trim, though. It’s a sentimental little keepsake. 🙂

  9. PLEASE give us the quinoa recipe- sounds SO good!

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