She Says… Another Day

First of all, thank you all so much for your thoughtful comments about carseats! Clearly this is a very personal decision. Since the carseat that we got can accommodate rear-facing until 40 pounds, and Owen is just over 20, we’re going to re-install it to be facing backwards and will try to leave it there as long as possible. Hopefully the new seat will give him more room and he’ll be happier back there. Several of the comments reminded me that his pathetic little whining is NOTHING compared to what some parents deal with (screaming to the point of vomiting, etc.), so I should shut up about it. Problem solved.

Now on to today. You know, just another day in the This Place is Now a Home home. Another day, another doctor’s appointment. Sigh. What’s wrong this time? Hard to say, exactly, but my money is on another ear infection.

If you follow me on Twitter you probably know that the last 2 days have been a little rough. Night wakings (which is very unusual for Owen), bad naps (also unusual), clinginess and general fussiness. I blamed teething for a few days, but no teeth have emerged yet and yesterday and today his little forehead seemed a bit warm and the clinginess reached a new high. Yesterday I had a little voice in my head wondering if it was an ear infection and not just teething, so I’ve been watching him and looking for the various signs.

This morning I took his temp before we left for daycare because he felt particularly warm. It was a perfect 98.6. I was surprised, but trusted the thermometer. So I walked him to daycare, dropped him off and let them know that he was a little off and might need some extra cuddles (and to call me if they saw anything resembling an ear infection or other illness). I was barely out of the parking lot before his teacher came out the door to get me. Temp of 101.3.

Poor baby.

Either his temp shot up since the time he woke up, or he was squirming so much that I didn’t get an accurate temp reading. I’m guessing the latter. Either way, I felt badly for schlepping him to daycare when he was sick. Not to mention the fact that I felt a bit like an idiot for dropping him off with a temp. Mommy fail.

I called the doc on our walk home, and we got an appointment for this afternoon (right at naptime! hooray!). And while I thought maybe we could hold out until our 1 year well visit on Friday, I’m happier to have the doctor look today and get him started on meds if necessary. Even if it is just teething, I’ll feel better if someone with a white coat tells me he’s fine.



5 responses to “She Says… Another Day

  1. Poor Owen! You guys (and him) just don’t get a break! Hope he feels better soon 🙂

  2. How do doctors just know when nap time is? I swear they just offer you a 2pm appointment just to mess with you. 🙂

    I hope Owen is feeling better soon!

  3. get well soon owen! too bad those germs havent seem to taken the summer off. 😦

  4. We’re battling another one right now, too. Big fat sigh. And Ryan had the same symptoms this time as you’re describing with Owen. Poor little guys! I hope you get some solid answers and that he’s on the road to recovery soon!

  5. Doctors do seem to have an uncanny ability to make appointments during nap time… Hmmm…
    I’m sorry you guys can’t seem to catch a break, poor little Owen. I hope the appointment was helpful… and that Owen wasn’t too upset in his car seat. 😉

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